Marketing To Crazy People.

Heeellllp, a long word!

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is a new kind of crazy for me. Hadn’t heard of it until just this morning. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the irrational fear of (wait for it)…Long Words. Yes, you read right.Turns out that same feeling you get when you’re on stage to give a speech you’ve forgotten, seconds away from embarrassing yourself in front of important people, that’s what some people feel when they encounter a long word. I know, Laugh Out Loud right?

It’s a weird phobia, maybe not as weird as Continue reading “Marketing To Crazy People.”

What Are You REALLY Selling? Bet You Don’t Know!

Funny enough, few know the real answer to this question – but before you laugh, do you? I can if you do just by looking at your ads. For example does your marketing look like this…

“Computers & Printers For Sale”

“House Hold Goods Available”

“Plumber For Hire”

Adverts like this indicate that you’re clueless about why people actually buy your product and what makes them part with money for it. Why? Because you’re appealing to the head, instead of the heart.

People VERY rarely buy from a logical stand point, including me. Even the most rational consumers don’t. That’s just not how the human brain works to make buying decisions. The fact is, we all buy with our emotions…and then use our logic to justify what we have decided we want with our feelings. Motivation is a feeling, not an equation.

In other words you’re not selling cosmetics,

You’re selling the hope to become irresistible to men!

You’re not selling a holiday in Kariba,

You’re selling the promise of escape from boredom or frustration at the office, a family occasion we’ll never forget.

You’re not selling carpets

You’re selling an impression I want to make to my visitors, the proud home owner feeling, finally feeling safer when my two year old son dives off the couch)

Are you starting to get the idea?

Understanding this difference is what separates irresistible adverts from the kind your market doesn’t pay attention to.

You must study your market and find out what motivates them to buy what you’re selling. Whatever that is… focus on it. Assure them that this is in fact the very thing your product provides.

Simply focusing on a your product is like assuming people buy Mercedes for transport. If all He wanted was transport from point A – B, he’d look for the cheapest car available. No he wants to feel something about himself, create a certain impression… guarantee that feeling with your product and you’re in!

Yours for smarter business