Strive Masiyiwa: “How Do You See?”

strive masiyiwa quoteOn Facebook, Strive Masiyiwa tells of an experience he had trying to get someone to see the opportunity that lay right in front of him.

I loved it, hope you will too…
“Our partners in Nigeria wanted Econet Wireless as the technical partner to find a top CEO from Europe. So I asked a Head Hunter to advertise the position in Europe and because of the salary we were prepared to pay Continue reading “Strive Masiyiwa: “How Do You See?””

Confused Brands, Who/what Are You?!

Whenever i talk about branding with Zimbabwean designers or marketers, someone is bound to bring up Netone and (worse) CBZ as examples of new brand logos gone bad. Does ANYONE actually like those logos? I’ve yet to meet one – but at least someone made some money designing them.

Ah Anyway.

As bad as those are, poor design isn’t the worst branding mistake possible. Confusion is. Corporate brand confusion is often the result when bored executives in fancy suits start Continue reading “Confused Brands, Who/what Are You?!”

How To Use Google – Tricks & Games

Google Secrets

Thanks to Econet Wireless and many others, the online/internet landscape in Zimbabwe is changing fast. Easier and faster internet access to more Zimbabwean people means interesting and exciting things for businesses, marketers and ordinary folk, yet you’d be surprised just how few people in Zimbabwe actually  know how to use the internet. Being a certified internet addict and a big Google fan, i thought I’d share a few tips and tricks to help you find stuff easier online. Continue reading “How To Use Google – Tricks & Games”

Is ZOL Afraid Of Econet?

Is Zimbabwe Online getting nervous over Econet’s promised 3G?

Wouldn’t blame them. They’ve never come up against competition this big before. In fact they’ve had it pretty easy up until now and they’ve done well with their Zolspot (hot spots) expansion. Still the arrival of 3G technology, though delayed is imminent and ZOL has a fight on their hands.

In a recent email broad cast to over 10 000 people, they made their first move – a good one too. Their headline… Continue reading “Is ZOL Afraid Of Econet?”

Hire Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Organization

So what if you could hire the Central intelligence Organization of Zimbabwe?


What if you could get them gathering market intelligence for you? These guys train for years, learning how to piece together every possible clue to find their man. For the most part, if the CIO is looking for you, you’re as good as found.

So why all this talk about the Central Intelligence Organization of Zimbabwe? Well, I’ve been thinking a little more about what i said earlier about information and how vital it is. It occurred to me that some people actually ARE looking for information… they just don’t know how to go about it.

Is that you?

Well here’s another tool, my of my favorites. Think of it as the CIO of Google. Like most good tools, it’s extremely easy to use. Unlike digging for info via the search engine – this tool will actually bring the information TO YOU! Nice ha?

It’s called Google Alerts.

I know, it’s not new… but some Zimbabweans still don’t know anything about it. Google Alerts, allows you to receive automatic email notifications anytime someone posts something related to your chosen keywords.

I receive dozens of notifications daily – helps me speed up market research and spy on certain companies and people!

For example, I’m a big Econet fan. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Strive Masiyiwa (Econet’s Founder) and Doug Mboweni who runs the show locally… i love how these guys think – they’re smart – So i stalk them online! Whenever anything is published about them, Google alerts me immediately in my in box! That way i get to learn or at least get inspired by what they’re doing.

In business, like politics, like war, (like anything), the person with the most valuable, accurate and actionable information wins.

If i were you, i’d spy:

  • on my top 3 competitors
  • on all the business people who inspire me
  • on the top local companies who buy from me
  • and those who supply me.

Heck, i’d spy on anyone and anything that affects my bottom line! After a while you’ll have gathered a more accurate and comprehensive ‘perspective’ on your market, your industry and your competitors.

If you do,

  • You’ll be able to spot opportunities where others see nothing but problems.
  • You’ll start to notice patterns where others see only chaos,
  • You’ll start to predict micro trends that other thought were completely invisible.

As captain Planet would’ve said…

“The Power Is Yours”!

Just got a new thought…What if i could hire the CIO as sales people? Now that would be profitable! From what i hear, they can be VERY persuasive!

Speaking of alerts…If you put your email address in the subscription box below, you’ll get instant notification anytime we post any new posts, free downloads or opportunities on this website.

Do it.

Yours for smarter business

Max Soutter

P.S. If you don’t know who Captain Planet is…forget it. You just didn’t watch enough cartoons as a kid.

How To Name Your Company

Most entrepreneurs is Zimbabwe have no idea of how important a name is to the business. This is illustrated by all the silly, irrelevant sounding shelf companies that are bought daily. Of course, if all you’re doing is burning money all day, then it really doesn’t matter. If on the other hand, you’re part of that rare breed that thinks beyond today…here are a few tips to consider.

“Stay away from Shelf Companies”

How important is your business name? Well think about this – Do you think the biggest and most successful brands in Zimbabwe (or the World) came from shelf companies? Econet, Kingdom Bank, Chicken Inn, Mr. Juicy, Old Mutual – do you really think these are shelf companies? Nope.

As a new business owner you are responsible for the development of your brand. The job of your company name is to communicate to your market place. It’s part of your marketing strategy.

Can you imagine a soft drink called “Techiefredy Investments” or a bank called ‘Tendai Jason Moyo Bank’. How about Mindfret Restaurant?

That’s how most shelf companies sound. They never make sense at all and can take away from the professionalism you want to communicate. If you’re serious with your business – take the time to choose a name that communicates to your market. Here are some ideas

1) Associate it with the product/service – example Chicken Inn, Unforgettable Events, Agri-Bank, Business Setup Group.

2) Make it easy to remember – Chicken Licken, Burger King, King Pie, OK.

3) Link it to an already strong brand (if you have one) ie Oprah Magazine is linked to Oprah, Virgin Airlines is linked to the rest of Virgin.

4) Avoid abstract names like Coca-cola, Kodak, IBM. If you use one of these, you’ll have to spend a lot of money (like they do) to associate your brand with your product/service or offering. If you don’t have a similar budget, forget it.

There are many more approaches to consider but the point is this – your name is the beginning of your branding process, don’t take it lightly. A good name can make it easy for you to be memorable and believable.

Ultimately though, your name is just step one in the process. After that, you’ll have to educate your market on what you do and stand for. This is of utmost importance to you as an entrepreneur. Ingrain your name, service, unique advantage in the minds of your market.

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