Econet Zimbabwe's Hate Mail…A Lesson To All

I’m a huge Econet Wireless Zimbabwe fan! Really. I was the last to join all the crazy Facebook groups and fan pages hating on Econet for every little thing. Still, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything from Zimbabwe’s most hated (according to Facebook numbers) Network! There’s a really important lesson in it for you too…who knows, you might even come to love your haters after this!

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Econet, Internet and the Future Of Zimbabwe Business.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is smart. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that NO ONE invests $200 million dollars without a seriously solid ‘money back’ (plus profit) plan. On the other hand…many Zimbabwean businesses are sadly…not smart.

Econet LogoDon’t know about you, but when I see someone I respect invest millions of dollars into something, I want to know what they see…and how I take advantage of it.

When I told some Zimbabwean businessmen – early 2009 that it was time begin seriously investing time and money into understanding and leveraging the internet, they laughed. Continue reading “Econet, Internet and the Future Of Zimbabwe Business.”