About Telone's Dotmore Marketing Strategy + We've Moved!

Before i talk about Telone’s new ‘Dotmore Broadband’ strategy and why i thought it was crazy (i know all about stupid mistakes) let me say…

If you’re reading this, you shouldn’t be!

That’s because the Bizsetup website has in fact moved house to www.bizsetupgroup.com ! The design is different, and better, there’s more content you won’t find on here, and there are a few surprises soon coming, but you have to be subscribed to the Bizsetup on the new website!

The latest post on there is about Telone’s New branded broadband service and why no matter how unless your name is Bill Gates, you should never copy their marketing strategy! read it here – Telone’s Marketing

Oh and if you’re one of the many hundreds already subscribed to this site…we’re making a plan – BUT you can fast forward things for yourself by just going over to the new site and subscribing again (right at the top). Takes 30 secs, and you’ll never regret it!

You can find the new site at www.bizsetupgroup.com, tell a friend!