The Problem With Hunting for The Dodo Bird…

histories dumbest creature ever!
histories dumbest creature ever!

The hardest thing about hunting for the Dodo bird, is that it’s extinct. However, if you were a cave man a zillion years ago, the dodo bird was probably your best bet for an easy meal. I mean, why bother hunting the sabre tooth tiger when you can go after what some believe to have been histories most stupid creature ever! The dodo falls for every trap, walks right into an ambush and is just all round, very easy to catch.

Just like some business opportunities. They’re easy to catch – easy money.

The problem is, once everyone is after the same dumb creature, or the same easy money opportunity, you start to run out, and pretty soon, it’s extinct.  Just Tigers and other man eating animals left. These ones bite back, they have claws. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get killed.

Once the Dodo is gone, the only cave men who survives is the guy who actually knows how to hunt a wild animal. These are the guys who’ve taught themselves how to set a real trap, throw a spear, dig a hole big enough for a tiger to fall into. Reminds me of the 2008 period in Zimbabwe, remember? You know when everyone was making easy money just ‘burning’ the US dollar. It was easy money, it was hunting dodo birds!

But when that dodo went extinct…all of a sudden it was the people who actually understood business, had real skills, qualifications and real work ethic that could make it. So what am i saying?

Grab a dodo whenever you can, but learn how to hunt and kill sabre tooth tigers when you have to. Make sense?

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