Why HIV AIDS Can’t Beat A Cash Baron: Learn The Four Secrets

Is your cash flow under attack from an evil virus?

Think of your business as a human being for a second – a person you know and love and who is under your protection . Your business, just like your body is an organism. Your body, just like your business consists of many interconnected systems and functions that together ensure the smooth running of operations. Your body has blood flow, your business has cash flow. When something goes wrong with either one, you’re in trouble.

Invasion of HIV – You know how it works right? This HIV evil virus attacks your blood cells, disabling your body’s immune system basically making it impossible to defend against invading diseases and viruses. When an HIV attack turns into an AIDS condition, a common flu can become as dangerous as cancer because your immune system isn’t functioning. Here’s how this works in a business…

HIV In Business

Your business has it’s own set of viruses to deal with – viruses that attack your organizations immune system, making it weak. They do this by messing with your cash and as a result your ability to defend against competitors, economic instability Continue reading “Why HIV AIDS Can’t Beat A Cash Baron: Learn The Four Secrets”