How To Start A Mushroom Growing Business In Zimbabwe

Mushroom business
growing mushrooms in Zimbabwe

The Mushroom growing business in Zimbabwe has proven to be a profitable business opportunity for quite a few entrepreneurs and farmers. For people looking to make money in Zimbabwe, without a lot of start-up capital, or a huge bank loan or cash rich investors, small-scale growing of mushrooms could be the perfect opportunity.

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Part of the excitement over this new local business opportunity is that it’s not very capital-intensive or complicated to start, and even if you have never grown mushrooms before, it could still be a viable idea for you.

In developing countries like Zimbabwe, the cultivation of certain species of mushroom is gaining momentum as a productive use of agricultural wastes.

If starting a mushroom growing business in Zimbabwe is something you’re interested in, we can help. We’re able to guide you through the process, requirements and highlight several things you’ll need to be aware of.

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Content…Huge Opportunity

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I’ve been saying it for over a year now, but it’s more and more true by the day… content is a massive opportunity in Zimbabwe. The internet has seen incredible growth in the last 2 years, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus) is dominating the way we spend time online.

What are all these people doing on Facebook?

Looking to connect to people (even brands) that have the content they’re attracted to. Unique, interesting, useful content that’s relevant. be the one providing this content to your market, and you start to develop a community of people around you – Fans and friends whose recommendations and referrals (or lack of) will soon mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses in Zimbabwe.

A lot of people talk about how Zimbabwe has great opportunities, “we should position ourselves for what’s coming”. Most people saying that have no idea what they’re talking about or how to position themselves. I’ve just told you how.


Start a blog, a brand page, a fan page – something, and sell as little as possible. Instead use it to deliver high quality, relevant content to your community.

I’ll be providing more content about this, stay tuned.

Zimbabwe Newspapers: Bad News is Good News

Zimbabwean journalists aren’t interested in writing any Good news in the newspapers. They don’t look for it and i suspect, even if they found it, it wouldn’t make it into the paper. That said…there is A LOT of good news and business opportunities in the papers. Not intended, but it’s there – especially for businesses.

Shocking right?

Of course, to see it, you’ll have redefine what good and bad news really is for your business.You’ll have to learn to see the opportunities revealed in the bad news.

For instance if you read that businesses are closing down. Is that goodnews or bad? Depends.

  • Can i buy assets cheap from the business that just closed down?
  • Maybe that means less competition for me.
  • Can i find out why they closed and avoid the same mistake – free education
  • What if i can go after their experienced and qualified employees, that ordinarily maybe hard to find…
  • Or what if…i think you get the picture.

The point is businesses exist to solve problems. No problems, no opportunities and no businesses. Entrepreneurs, Businesses and institutions and even economies fail when they start to take bad news at face value. That’s when they become problem conscious. They start to blame MDC/ZANU PF, they blame their parents, their pastor etc. You’re not like that are you?

Here’s how i look at it

Bad news happens when needs arise. Good news happens when someone saw the need, ignored the negativity and turned it into an economically viable solution. You’ve got to decide how you’ll interpret the news around you. They’ll be lots of good, or bad depending on what you’re looking for.


p.s. Here’s an example. You want to start a business but you’ve got no money? Well if you’re creative and determined here’s how to turn that into good news!