Strive Masiyiwa: “How Do You See?”

strive masiyiwa quoteOn Facebook, Strive Masiyiwa tells of an experience he had trying to get someone to see the opportunity that lay right in front of him.

I loved it, hope you will too…
“Our partners in Nigeria wanted Econet Wireless as the technical partner to find a top CEO from Europe. So I asked a Head Hunter to advertise the position in Europe and because of the salary we were prepared to pay Continue reading “Strive Masiyiwa: “How Do You See?””

The Problem With Hunting for The Dodo Bird…

histories dumbest creature ever!
histories dumbest creature ever!

The hardest thing about hunting for the Dodo bird, is that it’s extinct. However, if you were a cave man a zillion years ago, the dodo bird was probably your best bet for an easy meal. I mean, why bother hunting the sabre tooth tiger when you can go after what some believe to have been histories most stupid creature ever! The dodo falls for every trap, walks right into an ambush and is just all round, very easy to catch.

Just like some business opportunities. They’re easy to catch – easy money.

The problem is, once everyone is after the same dumb creature, or the same easy money opportunity, you start to run out, and pretty soon, it’s extinct.  Just Tigers and other man eating animals left. These ones bite back, they have claws. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get killed.

Once the Dodo is gone, the only cave men who survives is the guy who actually knows how to hunt a wild animal. These are the guys who’ve taught themselves how to set a real trap, throw a spear, dig a hole big enough for a tiger to fall into. Reminds me of the 2008 period in Zimbabwe, remember? You know when everyone was making easy money just ‘burning’ the US dollar. It was easy money, it was hunting dodo birds!

But when that dodo went extinct…all of a sudden it was the people who actually understood business, had real skills, qualifications and real work ethic that could make it. So what am i saying?

Grab a dodo whenever you can, but learn how to hunt and kill sabre tooth tigers when you have to. Make sense?

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Where Are The Best Business Opportunities In Zimbabwe?

Big business OpportunitiesSo where and what are the best business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe? Usually i have three answers to that question…but today, just one really important one. But you might not like it…

Opportunities are everywhere in Zimbabwe. Opportunities to make money make a difference, make a living – make whatever. The problem is not the lack of local business opportunities; it’s your inability to see them. Fortunately, that’s not as hard as it seems, once you know how.

So, let me show you how… Continue reading “Where Are The Best Business Opportunities In Zimbabwe?”

OPPORTUNITY: If You’re Into Network Marketing In Zimbabwe…

ImageAre you into multi-level marketing? Whether you’re in Forever Living selling Aloe Vera products, or promoting holiday packages through World Ventures – whichever network marketing opportunity you’re involved in, I want to show you how to finally start building a real income stream, and how to do it quicker and easier than you may have thought possible, right here in Zimbabwe.

You’ll have to be open to new ideas though.

Now, I’ll admit, for a long time I was a skeptic of multi-level marketing opportunities and their viability as a business opportunity. However, after I began to do the research (and I did a lot) I began to discover that there are in fact some viable opportunities in the industry and some multi-level marketing companies do in fact offer great products and value.  Some have great compensation or marketing plans and some even offer great support and training.

BUT, the truth is…

Despite all those benefits, very many people are still struggling to turn it all into an income that is actually worth the effort and money they’ve put in.

Is that you?

You work hard, you put in the time, but nothing seems to be happening, seems just to hard to convince people. Or perhaps you’ve already given up on the idea. Whatever the case, if you will allow me, I would love to show you how turn things around (also I have a free gift worth hundreds if dollars I want to give to you).

Yes, there is a way to build a real genuine (or a greater) income stream from multi-level marketing, right here in Zimbabwe, even if you’ve been struggling for years and failing.

If you’re involved in MLM or have been in the past, and you’re open minded and you’re open to new ideas and results driven strategies from years of research and study, I want to talk to you. No matter which multi-level marketing company you’re into or were into, I am convinced that I can show you a way to take a giant leap forward.

Contact me now.

If you’re one of the few who is already making good money, then you can make more. However, if you’re the majority that has been struggling, this could be that missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Get in touch with me ASAP.  Use the form below to reach my personal email, or connect with me on Facebook. IN BOX – or EMAIL


Zimbabwe Newspapers: Bad News is Good News

Zimbabwean journalists aren’t interested in writing any Good news in the newspapers. They don’t look for it and i suspect, even if they found it, it wouldn’t make it into the paper. That said…there is A LOT of good news and business opportunities in the papers. Not intended, but it’s there – especially for businesses.

Shocking right?

Of course, to see it, you’ll have redefine what good and bad news really is for your business.You’ll have to learn to see the opportunities revealed in the bad news.

For instance if you read that businesses are closing down. Is that goodnews or bad? Depends.

  • Can i buy assets cheap from the business that just closed down?
  • Maybe that means less competition for me.
  • Can i find out why they closed and avoid the same mistake – free education
  • What if i can go after their experienced and qualified employees, that ordinarily maybe hard to find…
  • Or what if…i think you get the picture.

The point is businesses exist to solve problems. No problems, no opportunities and no businesses. Entrepreneurs, Businesses and institutions and even economies fail when they start to take bad news at face value. That’s when they become problem conscious. They start to blame MDC/ZANU PF, they blame their parents, their pastor etc. You’re not like that are you?

Here’s how i look at it

Bad news happens when needs arise. Good news happens when someone saw the need, ignored the negativity and turned it into an economically viable solution. You’ve got to decide how you’ll interpret the news around you. They’ll be lots of good, or bad depending on what you’re looking for.


p.s. Here’s an example. You want to start a business but you’ve got no money? Well if you’re creative and determined here’s how to turn that into good news!

No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

Really? Must be my imagination then… I keep seeing them everywhere. All you need do is open your eyes and think a little outside your box.

We have one of the 7 wonders of the world– it’s proven to attract millions of visitors a year. The factors keeping those millions away wont last forever. Or better yet, maybe you should just wait until the opportunity becomes obvious to the whole world?

Enough natural resources to make everyone in this tiny country filthy rich. Put your thinking cap on. Make some calls, do some research. Are you the one to take advantage of these resources? Someone has to. And someone will.

Small country, nationwide media. For example, whatever you’re selling – your marketing can literally reach the whole nation with a relatively (by comparison) small budget through national media. 2 or 3 newspapers. There’s just one TV channel to worry about. National media coverage costs less than ‘community coverage in the first world!

Where else can you hire someone for less than a dollar a month?A skilled person. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is happening. Offer half decent salaries and you’d have some of the best employees the country has to offer.

Innovation is easy.A third world country with a educated and literate population (including diaspora). Basic technologies and facilities are not available. Whole industries almost don’t exist. What, you’d rather try to innovate in the first world, where your best idea was probably already done about 5 years ago? Where you’re competing with mega businesses? Where innovation is a way of life?

Half the population in the Diaspora.Setup partnerships both ways. If your business has potential, talk to your brother in the UK. 200 pounds may not be a a really big deal. In Zim, that could cover salaries for 5 – 10 people! You’d have a bigger advertising budget than most BANKS. If you’re living overseas, you’ve got no excuse.

So easy to gain a competitive advantage.Imagine a place where something as simple as high speed internet can be a competitive advantage? Where really understanding strategy and marketing (direct response) is like understanding magic. Where having a Paypal account makes you the only person who can buy products/services from the internet? Where having the right accent is taken as being educated?

Come on. I could go on, but that’s enough ranting for one day.

Or you can focus on the politics. Put your hope in Gideon Gono, Morgan Tsvangirai, Zanu PF – none of these people will make you rich. Trusting in politicians almost guarantees failure. Trusting in the media, no matter which one will DEFINITELY disadvantage you.

It may not be easy, the challenges are real, very. But so are the opportunities. Be unconventional. Be a positive leader. Be smart. Be quick. Be unselfish and bold. No one except God will hand success to you. And even then, you’ll still have to take it.

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