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Timothy Maurice - personal branding expert

Personal branding…in case you didn’t know, can make all the difference for your success as an entrepreneur and in your career. How people see you has a massive impact on what opportunities that throw your way, so don’t leave your personal brand to chance. The Christian Institute for Leadership here in Zimbabwe asked me to share the following details of the Timothy Maurice personal branding workshop with you Continue reading “Personal Branding Workshop – Timothy Maurice”

Confused Brands, Who/what Are You?!

Whenever i talk about branding with Zimbabwean designers or marketers, someone is bound to bring up Netone and (worse) CBZ as examples of new brand logos gone bad. Does ANYONE actually like those logos? I’ve yet to meet one – but at least someone made some money designing them.

Ah Anyway.

As bad as those are, poor design isn’t the worst branding mistake possible. Confusion is. Corporate brand confusion is often the result when bored executives in fancy suits start Continue reading “Confused Brands, Who/what Are You?!”

'Tiger Woods' is Dead – Suicide!

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Tiger Woods’, after a short but traumatic media scandal… is dead. All evidence points to suicide – no foul play suspected.

Tiger's Nike Advert

Who would ever have thought that the ‘Tiger Woods’ brand would die such a horrible death? I mean it is dead right? 10 different women – porn star and all? This is worse than Clinton and Lewinsky in 1998.

Ok… maybe not THAT bad. Still, Tiger Woods’ is dead – at least that’s what I’ve been hearing.

And maybe their right. I mean 10 different women?! That’s gotta be some kind of record for a brand suicide. Right?

RIGHT? It sure deserves to be!

Okay okay, self righteousness aside, Maybe it’s not dead. Maybe this is just be the beginning of a new era in the life of the Tiger brand.



Last year Tiger Woods earned $100 Million dollars from endorsements, prize winnings and all sorts (wish i could play golf). Since the recent scandals, though, his endorsements have been dropping like flies. – well, very slow flies that is. Seemed they’ve taking a sort of a wait and see approach.

I don’t blame them, unlike my advice to Tiger’s wife, it may not a good idea to drop the Tiger Brand too quick.

Personally, i don’t think Tiger’s marketability is going anywhere. Not really.

Here’s why

1) ‘Tiger Woods’ is ‘Tiger Woods’, first and foremost because he’s the world’s greatest golfer… that hasn’t changed. When he gets back from he’s Husband/father break…he’ll be back to winning. Brands will always want to associated with winning – even if it’s only on the course.

2) This whole saga has made Tiger Woods, even more visible then he’s ever been! Even people who couldn’t care less about golf are interested in Tiger now.  This give his brand wider reach than ever before. With the right positioning…it could be more profitable than before.

3) According to some brand analysts the Tiger Woods brand appeals more to the affluent, middle aged – who are apparently a lot more forgiving and understanding than most demographics. Maybe in time, they’ll just forget it?

Either way, the brand won’t remain unchanged. It may shift target market, and be endorsed by a different set of companies. A huge and very expensive inconvenience. Not to mention embarrassing.

So what’s the lesson in all this? (besides “Thou shalt not cheat on thy wife”)?

I think it’s a reminder of the importance of protecting your brand reputation. That every interaction your brand makes with the public is potentially profitable…or dangerous.

I’ll bet Tiger Would never have been caught near a Porn Star (or 10) if he’d known it would be exposed one day right? All of a sudden, the voices of these  ‘unimportant interactions’ with ‘ unknown people’ have hit the news.


You never know which one of your customers or suppliers will have their opinion of  you amplified for ‘the world’ to hear.

I guess it’s a warning to us all (myself included)…treat each person as though they’ll be telling on you. They probably will. Not always to the media, but many times to someone else, who could be your next big opportunity, or much needed cheque.

Yours for smarter business

Max Soutter

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