WARNING: Before You Get Your Logo Designed In Zimbabwe

Don’t even THINK about getting your logo designed in Zimbabwe until you’ve read this post…

Over the years I’ve personally designed or over seen the design of more than 200 logos now.

Combine that with thousands of hours of research and study into results oriented marketing, and you start to learn a few things – like the common mistakes and traps business people fall into when getting a logo designed. If your business needs a logo, you’d be crazy not to ready EVERY word that follows!

Also In This Post

  • What The Average Graphic Designer In Zimbabwe Does Not Want You To Know About Your Logo
  • The Biggest Mistake business people make when they hire a graphic designer
  • Why Some Logos Work And Others Don’t: How To Get a Logo that talks to your customers
  • How To Make Sure Your Graphic Designer Does A Good Job
  • Where to get a professional logo if you’re on a really tight budget
  • MORE! Continue reading “WARNING: Before You Get Your Logo Designed In Zimbabwe”

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Zimbabwe Business.

writing business planIf you’re in business, you have to plan for success. You know the old saying, “to fail to plan is to plan to fail.” And of-course, if you’re actually serious about implementing your plan, you’re going to write it down. Any business plan not worth writing down is not worth acting on. On the other hand, just because you’ve written down a plan, doesn’t mean it’s a good one – or that it’ll convince the bank.

In this post:

  • The two kinds of business plans – most business people only know about one (and suffer for it).
  • What you absolutely need to know about how to write a business plan that succeeds. If your plan lacks these, you’ll never get a cent from investors.
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when they hire a business consultant to write your business plan. Continue reading “How to Write a Business Plan for Your Zimbabwe Business.”

Company Registration & Business Setup in Zimbabwe

Want to register your company name (company formation)and setup your business in Zimbabwe? Business formation in Zimbabwe can be a very confusing and difficult process when you’re doing it for the first time.

optin imageThe company registrars office is the one responsible for the process, however most people choose to register through consultants to avoid the unnecessary waiting and frustration often involved. Even if you choose to go through a consultant, it’s really important that you understand the basics and you choose the right agent to register your business for you.

This post will show you what you the requirements for the company registration process in Zimbabwe, how to get it done quick, affordable and professionally!  Continue reading “Company Registration & Business Setup in Zimbabwe”

The Baker Story, Once Upon A Time…

The baker
The Baker story

The Baker Story…How to Turn A Biscuit into A Dollar.

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a baker. There were many others, but he was different…this one had truly exceptional baking skills. He would have been legendary, except that he was completely unknown – but this didn’t deter him. He knew that if he kept focusing on the quality of his product, then eventually he’d become the wealthiest and most respected baker man who ever lived.

One day, after hundreds of experiments with dozens of ingredients, the Baker finally came up with what he believed was the ultimate chocolate biscuit. It was revolutionary he thought. And his whole family, upon tasting it, confirmed immediately, that indeed, this was the tastiest biscuit ever made.

Mr Baker was ecstatic… “finally” he said to himself “I will soon be the wealthiest and most respected baker in the whole wide world. People will come from near and far for a taste of my biscuits – Muuaaaahahahaha (insert evil laugh here)! Continue reading “The Baker Story, Once Upon A Time…”

"Don't Make Donations To Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe"


About 5 years ago, I discovered something shocking about the Herald Newspaper in Zimbabwe. It angered the heck out of me and I decided to do something about it.

Did you know:

The Herald newspaper is probably Zimbabwe’s Most Successful and Cash Rich Charity.

They’ve raked in more in cash donations than ANY HIV AIDS or Cholera based NGO in Zimbabwe ever did! Shocking right? But, I know this, because for years, I myself (and many more) was a major contributor, without even knowing it!

But now – no more donations from Max Soutter.

See, I’ve found a way to turn the tables around in my favor. These days, I’m the one milking them for financial gain… here’s how you can too (100% legal) Continue reading “"Don't Make Donations To Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe"”

Chicken Inn Caught Using 'Mind Control' Tactics

“Chicken Inn Employs Powerful ‘Mind Control’ Tactics On Zimbabweans…”

Chicken Inn logo
Old Chicken Inn Logo

Noticed the change of Chicken Inn’s logo along First Street, Harare? Innscor has made major changes to logos for Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn – starting with their busiest and probably most successful location – 1st street. One question though…

Why Are They Re-branding?

An artistically inspired moment by bored executives at the Innscor HQ?

No, the answer lies in a little known and much more calculated strategy .  A strategy that every ambitious entrepreneur MUST come to understand, and master.  It all began with a sinister, hypnotic, ‘mind control’ experiment conducted 30 years before Chicken Inn came to be. True story; Continue reading “Chicken Inn Caught Using 'Mind Control' Tactics”

Econet, Internet and the Future Of Zimbabwe Business.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is smart. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that NO ONE invests $200 million dollars without a seriously solid ‘money back’ (plus profit) plan. On the other hand…many Zimbabwean businesses are sadly…not smart.

Econet LogoDon’t know about you, but when I see someone I respect invest millions of dollars into something, I want to know what they see…and how I take advantage of it.

When I told some Zimbabwean businessmen – early 2009 that it was time begin seriously investing time and money into understanding and leveraging the internet, they laughed. Continue reading “Econet, Internet and the Future Of Zimbabwe Business.”

Make A Million Dollars The Boring Way

Winning the Lottery...easy way to a million dollars
Everyone loves the mega million dollar day idea.
It’s easy money. It’s success in a bottle. It’s the lottery win – instant riches and glory.
Living as though you’re going to ‘suddenly succeed’ is very tempting. After all it means you can be lazy. and sporadic – now that’s fun – and easy.
You do what you should only when you feel like it.
When you feel like it, that’s when you study, that’s when you pray, that’s when you spend QT with the wife and kids, that’s when when you excersize. It’s fun that way.
Until you fail.
The rest of humanity has one of two choices… Continue reading “Make A Million Dollars The Boring Way”