OPPORTUNITY: If You’re Into Network Marketing In Zimbabwe…

ImageAre you into multi-level marketing? Whether you’re in Forever Living selling Aloe Vera products, or promoting holiday packages through World Ventures – whichever network marketing opportunity you’re involved in, I want to show you how to finally start building a real income stream, and how to do it quicker and easier than you may have thought possible, right here in Zimbabwe.

You’ll have to be open to new ideas though.

Now, I’ll admit, for a long time I was a skeptic of multi-level marketing opportunities and their viability as a business opportunity. However, after I began to do the research (and I did a lot) I began to discover that there are in fact some viable opportunities in the industry and some multi-level marketing companies do in fact offer great products and value.  Some have great compensation or marketing plans and some even offer great support and training.

BUT, the truth is…

Despite all those benefits, very many people are still struggling to turn it all into an income that is actually worth the effort and money they’ve put in.

Is that you?

You work hard, you put in the time, but nothing seems to be happening, seems just to hard to convince people. Or perhaps you’ve already given up on the idea. Whatever the case, if you will allow me, I would love to show you how turn things around (also I have a free gift worth hundreds if dollars I want to give to you).

Yes, there is a way to build a real genuine (or a greater) income stream from multi-level marketing, right here in Zimbabwe, even if you’ve been struggling for years and failing.

If you’re involved in MLM or have been in the past, and you’re open minded and you’re open to new ideas and results driven strategies from years of research and study, I want to talk to you. No matter which multi-level marketing company you’re into or were into, I am convinced that I can show you a way to take a giant leap forward.

Contact me now.

If you’re one of the few who is already making good money, then you can make more. However, if you’re the majority that has been struggling, this could be that missing piece you’ve been looking for.

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Balltron (Nhakatron): Start a Business in Zimbabwe for Just $30


If you’re starting a business in Zimbabwe or looking for viable ways to make money, check the Money Club. This is next level stuff. For a limited time you can get a free membership before it launches…don’t miss out.

Update: Balltron in Zimbabwe or Nhakatron has since closed down as far as i can see. It’s possible they may return, but probably not in the near future. Find other opportunities here

Ok, before I tell you about Balltron or Nhakatron, lets be real about what it takes to start a business in Zimbabwe right now. It takes money, effort, risk, blood, sweat and tears, and then more money.

Money to hire help, money to market yourself, money to setup the office, money to buy the machinery…and so on. No matter what anyone tells you, it takes money to start up a business (unless) – fortunately, though, it’s not always your money. I’m not talking getting a loan, even business plans written and scrutinized the best consultants in Zimbabwe, can no longer guarantee you a loan…not even close. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or smoking something, or both.

So what to do? Give up and settle for the rat race?

Naa. Not you!

I’m constantly on the look out for great opportunities that you can take advantage of, and recently I came upon what is one of the best, and most practical approaches to making money in Zimbabwe I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s called Balltron, and yes it’s multi-level marketing. Granted MLM has been a disappointment for a number of people in recent times – but there’s a reason for that. It’s not because multi-level marketing doesn’t work, in fact few models work as well. It’s because many of them really weren’t specifically designed to fit the Zimbabwean context.

They’re either too costly to join and maintain, or else they require people to change some of the life time habits of spending and living…not an easy way to build a business. It’s worked for some, but many have struggled. It’s not impossible, but it’s not exactly easy either.

Enter Balltron!

Balltron is an international company that’s been involved in multi-level marketing now for almost 20 years. In coming into Zimbabwe, they’ve done something that no other network marketing company in Zimbabwe has done as well (far as I can tell). They chose a product that is 1) Not hard to sell, 2) has a huge market 3) Is easily affordable to many 4) Doesn’t require you to change you lifestyle 5) Of ‘tangible’ (real) benefit.

The product is called Nhakatron and it’s a high quality, competitive offer in it’s industry and practically everyone you know will make use of it or a service like it sooner or later! Everyone.

It’ll cost you just $30 to get started, but the potential to grow your income, passive income is huge. It’s not get rich quick scheme. That doesn’t exist, but if you’re on a small budget, and you want the opportunity to earn up $5000usd a month (and more), then this is the best way I know how for most people. In fact I have personally gotten involved in it, which I rarely do, so I believe in the idea.

Contact us if you’re interested and would like more details. I have a special bonus I’m throwing in that will give you potentially hundreds of dollars worth of free marketing services, if you get in (under me) early enough.

You can also get details by connecting with me on Facebook, and in boxing me.