Useless Advertising Agencies in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean newspapers are FULL of junk adverts, and this probably includes the ones you like. Spare 5 minutes to read this FULL post to find out how so and why this could be the best news you’ve heard all year…here’s why;

Doesn’t matter which newspaper you’re talking about, The Herald, The Fingaz, The Zimbabwean, Daily News, Friday Ads, Metro – all full of junk adverts. Junk because they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of EVER getting maximum marketing results for the people who pay so much for them.

It’s not the fault of the newspapers (although if I owned one, I’d do something about it) – the blame rests with incompetent advertising agencies and ignorant business people.


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  • How most business people and marketing managers are conned by so-called marketing or advertising ‘experts’.
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