Use THESE 7 Secrets to Turn Your Ordinary Flier Into a Huge Customer Pulling Magnet

Flyer by lighting world...
Flyer by lighting world…

Listen closely; if you follow this step by step advice, the next flier you design for your business will be the most profitable piece of paper you’ve ever printed. Here’s why…

The humble flier has been around forever. It remains a popular marketing tactic for many local businesses, and for good reason. Compared to many other forms of marketing, they’re relatively cheap and easy to design, print and distribute.

Problem is, the average flier is completely ignored.

Most fliers are ignored, thrown away without so much as reading the first line. They’re worthless pieces of paper, hardly worth bending over to pick up should they fall to the ground. The reason for this is that usually when they’re designed, most of the critical fundamentals of effective, psychology driven marketing are ignored, in favor of meaningless things like “make our logo bigger” and “my favorite color is red”

Trees hate it when you cut them down for rubbish flyers!

Trees hate it when you cut them down for rubbish flyers – have a heart!

Now, if you get just a few of these things right, your flier will make you more money than it cost to produce. But If you nail them all, you’re going to have a huge customer pulling magnet on your hands.

Oh, you like the sound of that?

Good, then let’s get started. First thing you have to do is make sure Continue reading “Use THESE 7 Secrets to Turn Your Ordinary Flier Into a Huge Customer Pulling Magnet”

Why You Absolutely Have To Read My First Sentence

Headlines make all the difference

Once you read my first sentence, you’re off on a journey to discovering one of the most important things you’ll ever learn about marketing. So important in fact that many an expert has claimed this one secret alone can be responsible for as much as 80% of your marketing success sometimes.  Personally, i consider it the second most important thing.

And here it is Continue reading “Why You Absolutely Have To Read My First Sentence”

People Know Better Than Businesses…Zimbabwe Facebook Marketing

Recently in a report on the use of Google Plus (and other Social Media) in Zimbabwe, I was listed as a ‘Notable User’ for both Facebook and LinkedIn. Since then I’ve had more emails than usual asking for my advice on how local businesses can make better use of Social Media (especially Facebook) in Zimbabwe.

People adapt to new social trends much faster than 99% of businesses do. They’re faster to get on Facebook, faster to understand the platform and to learn how to use it effectively to connect and convince.

This is fantastic news.

See even though Social Media is changing the world and now marketing together with it, your businesses competitors have no idea how to use it effectively. Heck, even most of the so-called Social Media marketing experts in Zimbabwe, are lost – they just don’t know it (but that’s another post).

So what do normal people know about Marketing on Facebook that Businesses don’t?

Normal, none-amateur marketing, everyday people, know that Facebook, is about conversation and connection – not advertising and selling. No one is logging in to see your self promotional posts (adverts).

No one.

See your market is having a conversation. They’re talking about their frustrations, they’re sharing ideas, they’re recommending resources, they’re asking each other for advice. Your goal is to get involved in the conversation and over time become a trusted voice to the people with in that community.

  • Not to spam my news feed with your latest greatest offer, every single day, several times a day.
  • Not about getting me to like your page and treating me like yet another number (Did you know that most people who like a Facebook fan page will never again return to it?)
  • Not to stuff my inbox with your amazing new product, that you have no real idea if I’d be interested in or not

Not about

Sure you’ll get a couple of responses if you do that, but you’ll never build an authoritative presence, you’ll never be the most trusted advisor in your market. You’ll just be yet another guy/business who also sells product x. Nothing and no one special.

WARNING: Sex & Dangers of an Amazing Advert

I say this all the time, but I’ll say it again…if people think your advert is ‘amazing’, it’s a bad sign.

Your advert should never compete with your product for attention.

If people remember your advert then they will say, wow, what an amazing advert. “Look at those awesome graphics”, “what a clever way to say it” Continue reading “WARNING: Sex & Dangers of an Amazing Advert”

Useless Advertising Agencies in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean newspapers are FULL of junk adverts, and this probably includes the ones you like. Spare 5 minutes to read this FULL post to find out how so and why this could be the best news you’ve heard all year…here’s why;

Doesn’t matter which newspaper you’re talking about, The Herald, The Fingaz, The Zimbabwean, Daily News, Friday Ads, Metro – all full of junk adverts. Junk because they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of EVER getting maximum marketing results for the people who pay so much for them.

It’s not the fault of the newspapers (although if I owned one, I’d do something about it) – the blame rests with incompetent advertising agencies and ignorant business people.


  • The shocking truth about advertising agencies that makes most of them a big mistake to hire
  • How most business people and marketing managers are conned by so-called marketing or advertising ‘experts’.
  • 5 Secrets to designing your own super effective ads or making DARN SURE your agency gets it right Continue reading “Useless Advertising Agencies in Zimbabwe?”

Marketing Advice: Use Bad News & Good Aim

Target money
Is your marketing targeting right?

Let me show you what your market looks like – percentages may vary here and there, but not by much.  This is a break down of the segments you’re currently marketing to.

  • 3% of your market are looking to buy your product RIGHT NOW. They are searching the Herald classifieds, going through Dipleague, asking friends and ‘Googling’ for your product. They will buy, from you or someone else, but they will definitely buy.
  • 6% are open to buying but not actively looking to buy now. They can probably be easily influenced with a good offer.
  • 30% Maybe interested, but are not Continue reading “Marketing Advice: Use Bad News & Good Aim”

Word Of Mouth, Want Some?

There are a few questions your marketing needs to answer if it’s going to be successful.

cffd612f-9177-4aa6-9ee3-cc030dd5e115Questions like “Why should we buy from you instead of one of your competitors?” Why should we buy now instead of next week, next year or next never? What makes you so special? And so on. One of the less considered questions, yet just as important is this one…

“Why On Earth Should We Talk About You? Continue reading “Word Of Mouth, Want Some?”

Why Women Wear Mini Skirts…5 Tips for Believable Marketing

Women in Mini Skirt
Why Is She Wearing This Mini Skirt?

Those tight mini skirts that are so short they look more like belts than skirts… you’ve seen em right? Seriously: why do women wear them? For the same reason prostitutes on duty don’t wear Eskimo clothes!

Wondering what miniskirts have to do with your business? You mean you haven’t heard of the Mini Skirt Marketing Method? It’s old news in the prostitution industry! You probably also don’t know the following 5 marketing tips for quick and easy credibility for any business new or old – mini skirt style! Continue reading “Why Women Wear Mini Skirts…5 Tips for Believable Marketing”