What To Say In Your Marketing, To Get People To Buy

So you’re a business owner and entrepreneur marketer and you’re trying to figure out what should you be saying to get these people to buy –

Cuz you’re out you’re trying to make some money right?

Before you go too far, take a step back and ask yourself this question – this person whose money you’re trying to get “how old are they?”

Is he a he? Is she is she? How much money does she make? Is she married? Does she have kids? Where does she live?

We call all of this, “demographics”. Super Useful. 

Now demographics are a good start but if you want the secret sauce then you got to come a little closer. There we go!

Demographics is all about the stuff on the outside, but psychographics is about the stuff that’s in your head and in your heart. That’s the stuff that really gets people motivated to buy from you.

This woman what does she really believe? What are her priorities? What’s her worldview and which political party does she support?

We’re getting closer to understanding this person.

What keeps her awake at night and this problem that you’re trying to solve for her how does it make her feel? Angry? Afraid? Does it make her feel insecure and unattractive?

Psychographics can go pretty deep but the idea is that you have to understand the internal world of your potential customer. What really moves this person and keeps them awake at night? What motivates them or what gets them excited? What’s really scaring them right now?

That’s the stuff that you should be crafting your marketing message around and that’s the first step in figuring out, what you should be saying in your marketing. It’s powerful stuff my friend and with great power comes great responsibility.

Why Only “Cognitive Expense Management” Can Save Your Marketing In 2018

bored prospect
Yawn…what was this guy selling again?

Welcome to 2018, whoopie! So , in case you hadn’t noticed, marketing has changed since 2007.  One of those changes is something that most experts, personal brands and businesses just never seem to get…

Lemme explain.

See, over the years I’ve noticed how the average “marketing methodologies” and funnels have become so “energy intensive” you’ll need a well deserved vacation before they even reach the buy button… and that’s why your customers usually don’t get there.

Truth is the average customer is usually far too exhausted to pay attention to your pitch by the time you actually ask them for the order. Continue reading “Why Only “Cognitive Expense Management” Can Save Your Marketing In 2018″

Success: WHAT or WHO You Know?

Is success about WHAT you know or is it about WHO you know?

It’s a good question and almost everyone knows the answer…except they all disagree.

‘WHAT people‘ emphasize how acquiring knowledge about the facts, principles and strategies is the key to success. They invest in gathering vital information and education (both formal & informal). They know that

Continue reading “Success: WHAT or WHO You Know?”

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My Favourite Website Is…?

Do you have a favorite Zimbabwean website? One that you just keeping going back to. Doesn’t matter what kind of site you like – news, blog, business anything as long as it’s your honest favorite – take a vote!

Which do you most frequently visit? The one you’re most likely to talk about? The one you find most useful/ entertaining etc.

Why not share it with the rest of us by answering this quick poll. If you want you can give us your reasons in the comment box below.

"The Arnold Schwarzenegger Marketing Lesson"

Years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger taught me an extremely important marketing lesson… Here’s the story (true Story):

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As a kid, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Hero to me. Saving the world, killing aliens, busting the bad guys…and of course…that bike (who could forget the Terminator

I loved him so much so, that I decided, I would launch a ‘Nick Name Branding Campaign’. The goal – to get my friends to call me

‘The Maxinator’

(You know, from Arnold’s Terminator Movie?). Or how about ‘Max Soutternegger’. Had a ring to it.

This ‘nick name branding campaign’ went on for quite a while. I wore a black jacket (except mine wasn’t leather), i tried talking like the Terminator – except my voice hadn’t really broken yet). I even wore 2 pairs of socks, just to be closer to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height! Then there was the thing about my mom not wanting to get me a bike (something about me being too wild on the roads).

The hardest problem though, was that them daft friends just couldn’t see the resemblance! They just struggled with granting a skinny guy an Arnold Schwarzenegger nick name. No matter how much I tried, my branding lacked intrinsic credibility.

As the years went by, the campaign died (a slow, severe and reluctant death). Years later, my body had blossomed and I discovered I was for the first time – as tall as Arnold Schwarzenegger in REAL life – but alas, it was all too little too late. Turns out people were more concerned about his width, than his height*.

So here’s the point.

When it comes to marketing and branding…credibility is all important. You can waste a lot of time, resources trying to appear to be something that no one believes you are. It’s not really about reality…accountants deal with reality…marketers have to deal with perceptions. So just because you are the best, doesn’t mean people perceive you as that.

Credibility is whether or not people perceive your branding or marketing story to be the truth. Is it believable.

Credibility and perception is why the ‘Zimbabwe Sadza Joint’ cant sell their cokes for the same amount as Meikles Hotel can – no matter how much they spend on marketing. It’s the reason why Spar can sell exactly the same Christmas toys for 5 times the amount you’d get them downtown.

Credibility is why it’s almost impossible to be perceived as the highest quality and the cheapest at the same time. It’s the reason why it’s almost impossible to be perceived as the fastest whilst also offering the greatest personalization for each client. It’s the reason why, nicely packaged biscuits often out sell poorly packaged but better tasting biscuits.

Here’s the lesson: Make sure that whoever and whatever you’re trying to brand yourself as, you’ve factored in the credibility issue. Make sure that you’ve given great consideration to how believable your latest offer or claim is.


p.s. “I’ll Be Back!”

* I’ve discovered since i wrote this post a few weeks ago, that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s height is in fact a big deal to many people (on Google)! For the record…it’s  6′ 2″ (1.88m), i believe. That would make him 0.1 shorter than i am!

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Examples of Leverage

Had two emails yesterday, both asking for an example of leverage – so here goes.

  1. 1) You’ll pay the same amount to advertise a 10x 5 advert in the newspaper whether you get 5 responses for 50. By leveraging an understanding of your market, buyer psychology and effective marketing…you’ll create a far more appealing offer = same cost, more results.
  2. Waste time daily your email marketing to a limited list, or leverage technology and this opportunity. Now you can reach 15 000 people every week for the next 6 months for less than a dollar a day…all automatically. Less effort + less cost, but more customers.
  3. Spend the next 5 years trying to improve your weaknesses OR hire someone who is ALREADY strong in those areas. You’ve just saved yourself time and frustration.

Get it? These are very basic examples, but absolutely powerful. There are literally hundreds of ways to leverage for success. A great starting point is to embrace the mindset shift – you’ll start to notice opportunities all around you.

For example, a few months ago, i found a great site that highlights websites on a rotational basis. It’s a great way to get more traffic to your blog. And how do you do it? All you have to do is link to them…like this

What Year Albert Einstein Die?

Albert Einstein died in the year of 1955, April the 17th. He was 76. Albert Einstein experienced internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an aortic aneurysm, by the end of the next day he was dead. But so what?

Picture Of Einstein











You could ask that i suppose. I mean unless you’re a history, science buff, why would you care – right?


I bring up the death of Einstein for one reason;

Did you know that 5 decades after he’s death, thousands of people are STILL asking and learning about him from the internet alone?

The accomplishments of Albert Einstein make up a long list…more importantly, so do his contributions. Apparently all this makes him very difficult to forget. In fact they even kept his brain (check out the pic from National Geographic).





Of course Einstein isn’t the only one whose had a great impact. I heard recently that the powers that be are considering making Nelson Mandela day an international public holiday! No bad for some who spent almost 30 years in prison.

I’ wouldn’t be surprised if America one day declares a ‘Barrack Obama Day’.

Ok here’s the point of all this…Jay Abraham asked a question once that challenged me to the core

“If your business closes doors today, will the market miss out on anything?” The answer is a definite no for most businesses and entrepreneurs – fortunately though, you still have time to do something about that.

Provide a service worth talking about, make a contribution worth remembering. Go ahead, be more than just another meaningless dot in history.

Life is about more than just personal satisfaction, business is about more than just money.

Think about it – i know i will.

Max Soutter

p.s. oh by the way, thousands still ask about Hitler too – and He died a whole 10 years before Albert Einstein did. The number one question they’re ask – “Why did Hitler hate the Jews?”.

The world wants to remember Albert Einstein, and they wish they could forget Adolf Hitler. How will we feel about you? Will we feel anything at all?