No More Friends On Facebook But…!

Just a quick one. Besides this blog, a lot of people use Facebook to contact or connect with me. Well, in case you didn’t know, Facebook won’t let you accept more than 5000 people as friends – so alas, I’m all out of spaces for now…


You can still subscribe to my public updates on Facebook and get in on the latest business tips and tricks and crazy conversations happening there.

If you really want to be a friend, in box me on Facebook when you subscribe to public updates. That way i can know who you are and am more likely to delete an inactive friend in your favor!

You can also connect with more on Google Plus , which is better than Facebook in my opinion, but that’s a post for another day.

Factoid: You’ll Never Get Paid Your Worth

Unless you work for an idiot, you’ll never get paid what you’re actually worth to any company. Never.

Let this truth sink in.

Businesses are designed to make profit. That means they’ve got to buy stuff for less than they can sell (use) it…including employees. Only the business owner can ever get paid his worth (or more).

That’s fact, now do with it as you wish.

How Far Can You Walk?

One Kilometre? Ten?  Actually it depends on why. It depends on what’s waiting for me at the end of the journey. A life dream come true? I can walk a million miles. For something I don’t care about? Across the road is too far to walk. It’s got nothing to do with the physical distance, it’s about the why.

And that’s the trick to perseverance.

A strong why.

Absolute clarity on why you’re still walking and unshakable belief that it’ll be there, when you get there. Some mountains really are too high and some valleys too deep  – for the wrong why, as it should be.

Interviewed By GreedySouth!

Happy new year! It’s going to be a fantastic year, hope you’re ready for it! A friend of mine summarised his news years resolutions this way – “Less procrastination, more action, less worry and self-doubt, more faith, less stupid, more smarts”.

Simple enough!

Anyway, i sat down for a short interview with Godwin from Greedysouth (the Zimbabwe entertainment blog). He asked me a bunch of questions about who i am what the Business Setup Group is all about and more – you can see the whole interview here – Greedysouth entertainment

Read This, But DONT Push The Red Button!

Below is a Big Red Button – whatever you do, don’t click it! If you do, nothing will happen – well something will happen, but not much… depending.You might end up winning a free website PLUS over $1000 (USD) worth of Free online marketing! Or it could wind up being a waste of 10 seconds.

Would you waste a WHOLE 10 seconds just for a chance to win a website like that? If not click here and when the next page opens up, click whatever you like! If you prefer the red button, don’t say i didn’t warn you! Continue reading “Read This, But DONT Push The Red Button!”

Don't Be A Briefcase Businessman, 7 Tips…

Are You A Briefcase Businessman?

Being seen as a ‘briefcase businessman’ will kill your credibility/believability and put a lid on how much money people are willing to trust you with. A briefcase businessman is someone who people perceive as a shady start-up that is here today and gone tomorrow – and is probably incompetent or unethical – because his whole business seems to exist only in his briefcase!

Here are 7 basic things that EVERY business person MUST do to be seen as professional and trustworthy. Continue reading “Don't Be A Briefcase Businessman, 7 Tips…”