Milton Kamwendo's Friday Lunch Time Motivation – Catch Me Live On Friday!

Gimme the microphone
Gimme the microphone

This Friday, I’m speaking again at Milton Kamwendo’s Lunch Time Motivation meeting. For a full hour, you’ll have me for less than a 10th of the cost you could get me on any other day!

Below is the official advert they’ve sent out – check it out for details. Continue reading “Milton Kamwendo's Friday Lunch Time Motivation – Catch Me Live On Friday!”

Greatness Career Conference Was Great, play your part!

Was invited to speak on Marketing (Personal Branding) at the recent Greatness Career Guidance Conference which is probably the biggest one of its kind n Zimbabwe to date.

The idea was to expose students to top industry experts and thought leaders who could inspire and educate them on what it takes to be successful in their jobs and chosen careers.

It was a blast. Other speakers were; Continue reading “Greatness Career Conference Was Great, play your part!”

Interviewed By GreedySouth!

Happy new year! It’s going to be a fantastic year, hope you’re ready for it! A friend of mine summarised his news years resolutions this way – “Less procrastination, more action, less worry and self-doubt, more faith, less stupid, more smarts”.

Simple enough!

Anyway, i sat down for a short interview with Godwin from Greedysouth (the Zimbabwe entertainment blog). He asked me a bunch of questions about who i am what the Business Setup Group is all about and more – you can see the whole interview here – Greedysouth entertainment

Power To The People – How To Re-Brand Zimbabwe

President Mugabe & PM Tsvangirai
How Mugabe & Tsvangirai Should Re-brand Zimbabwe

The government has promised Zimbabwe people change time and time again – all which have led to a big fat zero. Promises came first from Zanu-PF, then MDC, and now from the unity government – but no one has produced much for the ordinary people. I can only imagine the kind of promises that will be flying around come election time.

Some in power, have decided that the solution for Zimbabwe’s situation is to ‘re-brand’– effectively calling all this a marketing problem. I’d have to agree (and I’ll tell you why). Now to be sure, I’m no Politician (and I’d hate to be one), but I do have something to say about marketing Zimbabwe – 3 things to be precise. Continue reading “Power To The People – How To Re-Brand Zimbabwe”