TEDxHarare Event – Max Soutter & Bill Gates!

The TEDx business event has come to Zimbabwe for the first time and I’m excited about the great work the organizers have done in putting all this together. In case you don’t know, TED is an international event that brings together some really smart people to share ideas and inspiration in various domains. Tedx does a similar thing;

From the Tedxharare site: In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TEDlike experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

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Milton Kamwendo's Friday Lunch Time Motivation – Catch Me Live On Friday!

Gimme the microphone
Gimme the microphone

This Friday, I’m speaking again at Milton Kamwendo’s Lunch Time Motivation meeting. For a full hour, you’ll have me for less than a 10th of the cost you could get me on any other day!

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Read This, But DONT Push The Red Button!

Below is a Big Red Button – whatever you do, don’t click it! If you do, nothing will happen – well something will happen, but not much… depending.You might end up winning a free website PLUS over $1000 (USD) worth of Free online marketing! Or it could wind up being a waste of 10 seconds.

Would you waste a WHOLE 10 seconds just for a chance to win a website like that? If not click here and when the next page opens up, click whatever you like! If you prefer the red button, don’t say i didn’t warn you! Continue reading “Read This, But DONT Push The Red Button!”

Business Questions Answered

Got questions on how to start or market your business in Zimbabwe?

I rarely get a chance to answer all the email questions I get – I can get really busy sometimes. Anyway, I took sometime out last night to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions that are not directly related to my products or services.

I haven’t gone industry specific as I would in a personal email so that the answers would be more generally useful. Here are answers to your questions.

1)     What If I Don’t Have Money to Start or Operate my Small Business? Continue reading “Business Questions Answered”

Free Advertising With GetMoreInfo

Want FREE Online Advertising?

I’m not talking about online classifieds…those are okay… but their extremely limited. I’m talking about full scale , real deal adverts.

  1. Full page no limitations on how many words you can use
  2. Add pictures (jpeg, gif etc) to communicate better and make your ads more attractive. Also you can include your company logo is you have one and your advert’s credibility goes up!
  3. Include PDF or powerpoint downloads to provide more and better info
  4. Did i mention it’s free?!

Actually for the best thing about GetMoreInfo’s service is that you can do it all via email! That’s right – you just write out your ad in gmail/hotmail/outlook – whatever you use – then press send to the email address provided for you! Your attachments are automatically converted into downloads…can it get ANY easier?!

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself – http://getmoreinfo.wordpress.com or send a blank email to gmisubscribed@gmail.com

There’s a lot more you can do with the system but you’ll find out when you start using it…so what are you waiting for? check em out now –

I posted my book – Cash Baron Secrets there and have already gotten some great results – see it here – http://getmoreinfo.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/cash-baron-secrets-free-download/

Also noticed a few other great ads…like the one about how to buy a car for $20! I haven’t tried it yet, but that sure caught my attention!


P.S. Over 100 businesses and entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe alone have already joined… get in while you still can

3 Ways To Grow Your Business

Looking to grow your business? Expand your market share, increase profits and so on?

Truth is there are probably hundreds of learning options available to you. The internet, libraries and book stores are full of info on tactics you can use. Problem is, there’s so much of it out there it’s hard to make heads or tails of it. Consultants make a lot of money by complicating simple concepts – but grasping it is simpler than you may think

Actually there are just three ways to grow ANY business

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Get each client to buy more frequently
  3. Increase your profit off each sale.

Every startegy or tactic will fall into these 3 categories.  Simple right? Yet thinking of it this way allows you to see what you should be focused on.

For example, Should you be focused on bringing in more leads?

That’s the first place most businesses turn – yet it’s often the hardest and least profitable. It requires that you spend more marketing dollars to get the word out, which is always more expensive than just marketing to an already established customer base.

However if you’re a new business or you have a thin customer database, then you’ll want to attract new leads. In the customer theif you’ll learn how to do this faster, easier and more profitably – check out the draft version here – no fancy graphics, no grammar checks and a few missing chapters – yet already a few people have sent me testimonials – like this one

“…was surprised when my cousin emailed this to me. It definitely doesn’t look as ‘finished’ as Cash Baron Secrets, but the ideas in there have totally changed my business strategy. Within two days of using the info in there my advertising results in the Herald went by about 50% – thanks (looking forward to the final version” Kuda Moweni.

“This is tight Max, thanks. If i focus on these principles, i can easily increase my earnings with in the next 1 week.” Jason Kolani Muwenizani.

Of course , with in each of these 3 ways are hundreds of tactics and nuances. My advice… don’t use the same old tactics your industry is used to seeing. Borrow and steal ideas from other industries, companies and organisations.

If your industry is used to focusing on newspaper classifieds, maybe it’s time you tested an aggressive internet strategy? A referral program, cross-sale, up-sale, deap-sale, joint ventures, newspaper advertising, direct mail — i could go on and on.

Let me know how it’s going


P.S. You know the drill… Right click, save, read, make money.

Customer Thief Cover

You Can also download Cash Baron Secrets or even just read it online CLICK HERE

What Is A Business Setup Kit?

A Business Setup Kit is the ultimate business start-up package.

It’s a combination of a turnkey business with a business tools package. With the business setup kit, you can start and fully setup any business in record time, with ease.

When you order a Business Setup Kit, it’s like getting an established business, for the price of a cheap startup. Systems, tools, procedures and assets already put together for you.

Includes Everything To Successfully Operate Your New Business:

1) Company registration Get legally setup quick and easy

2) Logo & stationery kit designexpert design

3) Corporate Website – Ready made/ custom made website

4) Human Resources Management Kitready made checklists, tools, and templates

5) Marketing Management Kitready made checklists, tools, and templates

6) Finance Management Kitready made checklists, tools, and templates

7) Industry specific tools and soft assets (subject & specific to your type of business)

8) All the above…already put together and waiting for you.

Want more details? See Our brochure

Biggest Business Mistake Of 2009

After 3000 hours of research and study I can tell you what the biggest mistake in business is. Turned out I didn’t even need to study to learn it.

It’s worse than investing in the wrong idea. It’s worse than having to redo a thing not done properly. Worse than hiring the wrong guy. It’s worse than over paying, undercharging, or any other strategic mistake. It’s…

Talking without acting.

We all do it once in a while – especially around about this time of the year. We talk about what we’re going to do – even write it down. We tell family and friends how 2009 things will be different. “I’m going to start that business, invest in marketing, pay for that service” etc Then after the hype is gone… nothing.

We forget. Procrastinate. Get distracted. Whatever.

Make this mistake once you’re likely to miss out on a great opportunity. Keep on making it, you’ll end up not just a failed entrepreneur, but a failure in life.

My advice? 2009 has come. Attack it. Not with words alone. With action. Swift, aggressive and consistent action. Use your words to embolden and inspire yourself into action. Use pressure to get your juices flowing into action. Refuse to be of the mediocre lot who talk of impressive things and don’t follow up. You’re of a different kind – you’re a success, you’re someone going somewhere.

A poor plan implemented is better than a brilliant plan, not implemented. If you made that business mistake in 2008, don’t do it in 2009

Max Soutter

p.s. There is one other mega mistake that’s a close 2nd for me…especially in Zimbabwe – check it out here

Event Planning Business Setup Package

Event management can be a tricky business. So many dates, times, people and more to remember. In most cases, you only have one chance to get an event right for your clients (ie how many times can a person get married). With proper event management planning and execution, you’ll coordinate your events with excellence & consistency. That’s how to event management business.

Documents in 4 major categories

q    Events Checklists

q    Templates & forms for marketing Events successfully

q    Category specific event guides

q    General

Event Management Logo & Stationery. Enjoy the benefits of an attractive and credible brand image working across all your stationery and communication pieces. It will inspire confidence in your business from partners, suppliers and customers.

q    Brand Logo design

q    Printable Business Card design

q    Printable Letterheads design

q    Printable Compliment Slips design

Saved and formatted for you in all 7 major design formats allowing you flexibility and confidence in any scenario.

Business Website Design Get a website that will show case both your product range & your other services to potential millions. Your business website is the ideal communications tool for dealing with partners, suppliers and customers across town, suburbs and even countries as your trading opportunities expand. Good website design can also be a great credibility building tool, especially in your line of business.

q    Home Page

q    About Us page

q    Contact Us page

q    Services page

Or choose our niche site option and get unlimited pages, password protected pages, free hosting & registration, search & comment capabilities, all for the same price.

Finance package. Never be caught unable to create or manage your finance info. Whether it’s budgets, cash flow, cash projections & financial planning etc. This comprehensive set of forms & templates already programmed with basic finance formulas, allows you to do all of this with greater ease than ever before.

Human Resources Management Package. No more confusion about how to hire, partner, recommend, terminate, manage, measure & motivate employees in your new startup. This package is your personal human resources assistant helping you get the job done with all kinds of templates and forms. You’ll easily put together a comprehensive human resources policy and procedures manual.

Sales And Marketing Package. Now you can create, measure, plan and analyze your marketing, even without much previous skill or experience. Marketing is the life blood of your business and you’ll love the convenience of this package. Create marketing plans and marketing strategy that works.

Further Details

Delivery: Depending on your location and preference, you will receive your kit either on special personalized download link or on CD.

Free backup service: We keep a copy of all your designs (brand and website). If you require these in future (lose or damaged your CDs).

Cost: For the duration of this promotion period, all kits have been drastically discounted. Depending on your chosen options, type of business and delivery preferences you kit will cost you between $450USD – $1200 USD

The discount period will last from now until end of January after which the price will may more than double to reflect it’s true value. Don’t waste time, take full advantage of this special offer immediately. If you’d like to discuss a payment plan, then feel free to give us a call or pop an email.

Are you ready to act today?

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