Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Afraid Of Shadows?

fear of shadowsSciophobia or Sciaphobia is the Fear of shadows, which sucks as far as phobias go, since shadows are everywhere you go. This fear of shadows is quite different to other phobias though, and that’s what makes it so interesting (to me). You see, unlike the Algophobia- Fear of pain, Altophobia- Fear of heights, or Iophobia- Fear of poison, Sciophobia is the fear of something that presents no actual danger – at all! That’s what got me thinking about you and your business.

As entrepreneurs we often fear things that present no real danger.

Fear is a terribly unhealthy use of your imagination. Consider that in the hands of the right mind a little Continue reading “Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Afraid Of Shadows?”

Will You Take Action?

action timeTo refuse to try, to not take action, that is the purest form of unbelief, it will guarantee failure. It will stagnate your development, it will make waste of your potential, and frustrate the power of God available to you.

He still received a miracle who said “I believe, help my unbelief” – but the one who says ” I do not believe, I will not even try?

That’s not the stuff you’re made of.

Take action, step out in faith. You will make mistakes, be sure of it. But the same God who causes you to walk on water, will rescue you if you start to sink. Don’t fear mistakes. Don’t worry about where you lack perfection.

If you’re to be an entrepreneur, a leader of any kind, a success, an inspiration, an example to follow – then you must learn to use your faith, to take action.

It is not strength to act on your fears, to act when moved by anger, to act to please spectators, but to act on your faith…that’s where your success is.

Fidel Castro Slept With 35000 Women..Share, Re-Tweet!

fidel_castro womenSo turns out Fidel Castro slept with more than thirty-five thousand women! Wow. No, i mean yuck!

Clearly the man had a problem in the lust department. I’m sure we all (men) feel very sorry for him – i mean who could want such a thing!

Poor guy.

But what if it had been only 3 or 4 women? Or even just 10?

Well, then i Wouldn’t be talking about it and if i was, you wouldn’t care. After all, no one cares about the ordinary, mundane stuff. its boring. forgettable.

So, did your marketing only sleep with 3 women?

If so, you won’t get anyone sharing or retweeting it. You’re just like everyone else.

But if you’re doing ‘Fidel Castro marketing’…

Anyway, just thinking.

Just 72 Hours From Now

72 hoursWithout magic or miracle I can tell you 3 things about your life in 72 hours, compared to right now.

  1. You’ll be older, hopefully wiser, but certainly with less time. Less time than today for important things. Less time for the stuff you value most, like family, like making a difference. Less time to mend broken relationships, and less time to change your mind.
  2. You’ll be worth either more or less. Your value and relevance isn’t set in stone, rather it’s constantly shifting based on what you learn and do, how you position yourself and how you manage your relationships. Will you or your business be worth more or less in the next 72 hours?
  3. You’ll be closer to where you’re headed now. Already your words, habits, beliefs, goals and relationships are charting a direction for your life right now. In 3 days you will be closer to where you’re going, good or bad.

Every day, every word and action is creating micro results for  you that over time will be obvious and by then perhaps too late to change. In 72 Hours, you might not be where you want to be, but at least you won’t be where you are today…right? Godspeed.