URGENT: Company Registration Special Offer

Registering a business is an important and vital step in starting a business. In fact, it’s often considered the very first action step in terms of forming, formalizing and legitimizing a business in Zimbabwe.
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However, it’s just a start…so here is an opportunity to get more for your money, and further down the road, when you register your business, through us – BUT only if you can move fast…

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2 Ways To Save Money On Company Registration

save money pigSo once you realized you needed to get your company registered, you started putting together the requirements;

  • ID number of directors (easy)
  • Directors Addresses (no problem),
  • Choose a company name (No problem – here’s how)
  • …then you run into a problem…the payment!

For many people coming up with the amount needed to pay for the formation of their new business is a challenge (it’s $285 to register your business through us, some will charge as much as $400 for the same process).

Fortunately, there are two really easy ways to save money on the process

1) Register the business yourself, leave out the Continue reading “2 Ways To Save Money On Company Registration”

Company Registration & Business Setup in Zimbabwe

Want to register your company name (company formation)and setup your business in Zimbabwe? Business formation in Zimbabwe can be a very confusing and difficult process when you’re doing it for the first time.

optin imageThe company registrars office is the one responsible for the process, however most people choose to register through consultants to avoid the unnecessary waiting and frustration often involved. Even if you choose to go through a consultant, it’s really important that you understand the basics and you choose the right agent to register your business for you.

This post will show you what you the requirements for the company registration process in Zimbabwe, how to get it done quick, affordable and professionally!  Continue reading “Company Registration & Business Setup in Zimbabwe”

What Is A Business Setup Kit?

A Business Setup Kit is the ultimate business start-up package.

It’s a combination of a turnkey business with a business tools package. With the business setup kit, you can start and fully setup any business in record time, with ease.

When you order a Business Setup Kit, it’s like getting an established business, for the price of a cheap startup. Systems, tools, procedures and assets already put together for you.

Includes Everything To Successfully Operate Your New Business:

1) Company registration Get legally setup quick and easy

2) Logo & stationery kit designexpert design

3) Corporate Website – Ready made/ custom made website

4) Human Resources Management Kitready made checklists, tools, and templates

5) Marketing Management Kitready made checklists, tools, and templates

6) Finance Management Kitready made checklists, tools, and templates

7) Industry specific tools and soft assets (subject & specific to your type of business)

8) All the above…already put together and waiting for you.

Want more details? See Our brochure

How To Name Your Company

Most entrepreneurs is Zimbabwe have no idea of how important a name is to the business. This is illustrated by all the silly, irrelevant sounding shelf companies that are bought daily. Of course, if all you’re doing is burning money all day, then it really doesn’t matter. If on the other hand, you’re part of that rare breed that thinks beyond today…here are a few tips to consider.

“Stay away from Shelf Companies”

How important is your business name? Well think about this – Do you think the biggest and most successful brands in Zimbabwe (or the World) came from shelf companies? Econet, Kingdom Bank, Chicken Inn, Mr. Juicy, Old Mutual – do you really think these are shelf companies? Nope.

As a new business owner you are responsible for the development of your brand. The job of your company name is to communicate to your market place. It’s part of your marketing strategy.

Can you imagine a soft drink called “Techiefredy Investments” or a bank called ‘Tendai Jason Moyo Bank’. How about Mindfret Restaurant?

That’s how most shelf companies sound. They never make sense at all and can take away from the professionalism you want to communicate. If you’re serious with your business – take the time to choose a name that communicates to your market. Here are some ideas

1) Associate it with the product/service – example Chicken Inn, Unforgettable Events, Agri-Bank, Business Setup Group.

2) Make it easy to remember – Chicken Licken, Burger King, King Pie, OK.

3) Link it to an already strong brand (if you have one) ie Oprah Magazine is linked to Oprah, Virgin Airlines is linked to the rest of Virgin.

4) Avoid abstract names like Coca-cola, Kodak, IBM. If you use one of these, you’ll have to spend a lot of money (like they do) to associate your brand with your product/service or offering. If you don’t have a similar budget, forget it.

There are many more approaches to consider but the point is this – your name is the beginning of your branding process, don’t take it lightly. A good name can make it easy for you to be memorable and believable.

Ultimately though, your name is just step one in the process. After that, you’ll have to educate your market on what you do and stand for. This is of utmost importance to you as an entrepreneur. Ingrain your name, service, unique advantage in the minds of your market.

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