How To Apply For Liquor License In Zimbabwe

liquor license

If you are starting a bar or bottle store in Zimbabwe, then one of the legal requirements in formalizing your business is to obtain a Liquor License.

This is different from the shop license I mentioned yesterday and is to be applied for separately. Here’s the process and what is required for the license;

  1. Four Identical Legible Floor and elevation plans of the business premises. These must be approved plans.
  2. Photocopies of the adverts you have posted in the government gazette and a daily paper
  3. An inspection letter from the City Health Services indicating that your requested site is fit for purpose.
  4. Payment for your submission.
  5. A letter from the Department of Town Planning with no objection to you operating a bottle store at your chosen premises.
  6. *Inspection report by the City Health Department or the Liquor Board Inspectorate on the status of the property
  7. A clearance from the police on the appropriate form.

Licenses are obtained from the Liquor board at the Makombe Building (along Leopold Takawira) as per the Liquor act. It’s also important to note that you have to be a Zimbabwean citizen to apply.

Hope that helps.

Common Questions about getting a liquor license

Q: If I have a shop license, so I still need a liquor license is I decide to add a bar?

A: Yes, you do. These are two completely different licenses, issued by different bodies and authorizing different things.

Q: Since the Liquor licensing board is in Harare, how do I get a license in a remote area?

A: The process to acquire a license is the same regardless of where you are situated. There was some talk a few years ago about the process being digitized so that the application process can be done online. I’m not aware of what became of this, I was unable to find any information. Based on a comment down below though, it seems that the Liquor Licensing Board (LLB) has people on the ground across all provinces and is able to assist you wherever you are.

P.S. This post was updated in June 2021 to reflect some of the generous insights provided via the comment section. Please note we are not Liquor licensing consultants or experts. This article is simply an attempt to help business people looking for information, which I have provided here based on the information I have at the time of this update.

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Back In Zimbabwe After Years in the Diaspora? Here’s 6 Ways To Switch On Your Local Business Brain!


i love zimbabweIf you’ve been away in South Africa, UK, USA – anywhere in the Diaspora for  years, one of the challenges you’re going to face is readjusting to how business works here in Zimbabwe. You may also find it a little challenging to identify or evaluate business ideas or in meeting people who could answer questions or prove useful. As this is a topic i get a lot of questions on, I thought today, i would give you a few suggestions on how to get your Zimbo on…If you know anyone in that position, do share this post with them

1) Don’t Just Sit There, Go somewhere!

If you’re going to find business ideas and opportunities after years away

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Social Media & Zimbabwe’s New Upside Down Company



What does it take to survive and thrive in this new social media revolution? How relevant is it in Zimbabwe, where do we start, what do we do, what’s really changed? These are some of the questions I’m asked by businesses large and small locally. Oh and of course “What is social media anyway?”

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Starting A Pre-School or Nursery School In Zimbabwe

how would your pre-school look?
how would your pre-school look?

Starting a pre-school or nursery school (also known as day care centre) in Zimbabwe, is potentially a very profitable business. Plus if you’re looking for a business you can start without spending a lot of money, this is a potentially great business opportunity for you.

Schools in Zimbabwe, pre-schools included can hardly keep up with the demand of having to cater for all the parents and their children in need of education – so it’s a genuine opportunity, and one of the easiest to take advantage of.

A few things to consider when starting a nursery school business…

  1. If you already own a house (or if your present landlord is willing) there is more money to be made from most homes by turning them into pre-schools than by simply renting them out. In some cases, many times more.
  2. There are special permissions or license you will need to be aware of. In most cases, your property will need inspecting so as to determine if it is Child friendly and safe and how many kids you are allowed to accommodate on the property.
  3. Design your school and your business around a specific market segment. As with any school, parents are on budgets that may differ drastically. The market segment you’re going for will determine who you hire, what facilities you include and how you market yourself.

If starting a day care centre, or pre-school for children in Zimbabwe is something you’re serious about, and you want to do it right, then do get in touch. We can help you with key aspects of the set up process to make it easier, faster and more profitable for you. 
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The 3 Things Your New Business Absolutely Must Have

There are so many things a business needs to for it to operate optimally, but not everything matters equally. One of the main reasons new businesses die, or remain small forever, is because start up entrepreneurs focus on all the wrong things. Do you know what really matters for a new business? Are you crystal clear on what your new business MUST have on day one?

It’s a surprisingly simple list. However, the way you manage around these three simple things, will make all the difference in your business – not just today, but for years to come.

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5 Reasons Becoming An Entrepreneur Is A Good Idea

Man on topIs becoming an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe a good idea, or should you just look for a job?

Choosing to go the entrepreneurial route is not something to be taken lightly, there are pros and con to consider. However, there can be no doubt that while entrepreneurship maybe the tougher route in the beginning, the rewards for success, far surpass anything formal employment will ever offer you.

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Zimbabwe Elections: Would You Vote For An Old White Woman?

Old white woman
Old white woman

So i asked a question a few hours ago on Facebook:

VOTE: Assuming all 3 had great values, what would you most want to see;

  1. Zimbabwe’s first female president?
  2. Zimbabwe’s first non-black president?
  3. Zimbabwe’s first president under 50?

Which option do you think was most popular? Who would you vote for? A young black man – maybe. An old white woman? Probably not!

The question seeks to expose how people feel about gender, age or race and how those perceptions influence behavior. The answers will tell you something about the stories people are telling themselves, and the worldviews they’ve adopted. Can we trust a white man to have the interests of the black majority? Can we trust a young black woman to be capable of leading a nation?

It’s all about how you perceive.

I’ve said it before, marketing deals not with reality, but with perception. Not with facts, but with feelings. In the next two weeks, you’re going to see these truths used extensively by the two main party’s.

To catch ZANU PF’s marketing campaign, Simply read the Herald Newspaper or watch ZBC TV. MDC – T might have to go with the ‘all of a sudden’ new TV Station.

Team Mugabe will no doubt remind us of the liberation war…the heroics that brought us freedom and how the opposition (in collaboration with their evil western masters) is attempting to undo this work. It’s a strong angle.

The opposition (MDC-T) in turn will blame the collapse of the economy on the President and promise a wonderful new future in record time, if you’ll just vote for them. Also a strong angle.

Political opinions aside, as a marketer, watch carefully and you might learn a trick or two that will help you in your business. Watch which emotions the various parties appeal too. Logic is only a small part of what it takes to get someone’s vote, emotion is far more powerful.

Watch also which world views and perceptions they appeal to.   It’ll be an education for any observant marketer.

You see, if you want people to nod their heads, appeal to their logic. If you want to move people to take action, you’ll appeal to their hearts. If you want to get people to respect your intellect, tell them the facts, but if you want them to vote for you…tell them a story.

Accusations of rigging aside, this is how an election is won – it’s also how a market is won. It doesn’t always go to the best, cheapest or strongest product. It goes to the marketer with the most believable and inspiring story, the one who is most skilled at making us feel, the way we want to feel.

The smart marketer is not trying to get you with mere facts. People regularly ignore facts in favor of emotion. The smart marketer is telling you a story, based on your worldview…a story you want to believe, want to hear more of, a story that will move you to act.

Probably only one in 1 000 marketers genuinely understands the importance of this, and far fewer do it well.  You?

The Problem With Hunting for The Dodo Bird…

histories dumbest creature ever!
histories dumbest creature ever!

The hardest thing about hunting for the Dodo bird, is that it’s extinct. However, if you were a cave man a zillion years ago, the dodo bird was probably your best bet for an easy meal. I mean, why bother hunting the sabre tooth tiger when you can go after what some believe to have been histories most stupid creature ever! The dodo falls for every trap, walks right into an ambush and is just all round, very easy to catch.

Just like some business opportunities. They’re easy to catch – easy money.

The problem is, once everyone is after the same dumb creature, or the same easy money opportunity, you start to run out, and pretty soon, it’s extinct.  Just Tigers and other man eating animals left. These ones bite back, they have claws. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can get killed.

Once the Dodo is gone, the only cave men who survives is the guy who actually knows how to hunt a wild animal. These are the guys who’ve taught themselves how to set a real trap, throw a spear, dig a hole big enough for a tiger to fall into. Reminds me of the 2008 period in Zimbabwe, remember? You know when everyone was making easy money just ‘burning’ the US dollar. It was easy money, it was hunting dodo birds!

But when that dodo went extinct…all of a sudden it was the people who actually understood business, had real skills, qualifications and real work ethic that could make it. So what am i saying?

Grab a dodo whenever you can, but learn how to hunt and kill sabre tooth tigers when you have to. Make sense?

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