Why Only “Cognitive Expense Management” Can Save Your Marketing In 2018

bored prospect
Yawn…what was this guy selling again?

Welcome to 2018, whoopie! So , in case you hadn’t noticed, marketing has changed since 2007.  One of those changes is something that most experts, personal brands and businesses just never seem to get…

Lemme explain.

See, over the years I’ve noticed how the average “marketing methodologies” and funnels have become so “energy intensive” you’ll need a well deserved vacation before they even reach the buy button… and that’s why your customers usually don’t get there.

Truth is the average customer is usually far too exhausted to pay attention to your pitch by the time you actually ask them for the order.

I mean with all the insane technology and insight we have today, it’s amazing how many people still insist on making it hard for the customer to buy from them


Methods that worked in 2007 don’t work now

Here’s what I mean:

We live in a world of distractions and information overload. Plus attention spans are short. Way shorter than they used to be. The average marketing process online (aka funnel) is the kind of stuff which can leave even the most disciplined of individuals mentally drained by the time lunch hour rolls by.

And with good reason.

You see, each and every single one of us has what I call “Cognitive energy”.


Your customer’s brain is tired, distracted and bored

Think of it like a battery which powers your brain.

Every morning when you wake up this battery is fully charged and powered up for a new day. However, each time you mull over a decision, carry out a mentally taxing task ( such as driving or studying ) or even get distracted…


You use power from this “mental battery” of yours.


End result?

You find yourself so mentally drained even the most basic of mental functions become stressful.

In most cases…

You’ll find it impossible to focus on anything at all

The reason why I stress this point is because unlike in 2007, where your customers didn’t have to grapple with Facebook notifications every 15 seconds… and instant messages and apps begging them to come back and waste more time and energy in them, we live in a completely different era.

You average customer just doesn’t have enough Cognitive energy to go through your long emails, remembering what your website address is and actually reading your life-draining sales page.

In fact…

You’re more likely to put off even the hottest leads if your marketing funnel is unnecessarily complicated or energy intensive because in most circumstances…

You’re forcing your customer to use more cognitive energy that they have in their reserves.

End result?

They’re distracted by something “easier”, they’ve forgotten your offer,  they’re confused by your material – the whole thing is a blur far as they’re concerned. In fact, in a recent survey i saw, most prospects couldn’t even remember the content of videos they’d seen just 5 mins before! 

5 damn minutes ago!

When your potential customers aren’t engaged emotionally, you’re just not going to get the sale. You know why?

Cuz the actual decision to buy something is actually an emotional decision.

Sure, you’ll need to help them justify it logically, but every motion they take towards a buy button…just doesn’t happen without emotion. Without cognitive energy. 

So in this social media world or memes, triggers and pictures of naked girls, you’re going to employ Cognitive Expense Management if you want to maximize those sales coming in.

What I am saying is, it’s time for you to acknowledge a vital reality: People are super distracted, tired and busy. It’s going to take more than a free ebook or the typical webinar and a few emails to make more money moving forward.

You’re going to need a sales pipeline so effortless to go through, and message so memorable and persuasive, that the customer barely notices the cognitive expense of the process.

The less i spend cognitively, the more i’ll spend financially.

How is this even possible, you ask?

That is the question isn’t it? I’ll be sharing the how to with you soon. In my next post i’ll show you how i use my Cognitive Expense Management technique to achieve unusually profitable results.  It’s a special combination of what i call the emotional “slippery slide” and a special combination of automated processes.

If you want to tap into the power of Cognitive Expense management in your own sales funnels then let’s have a chat about it. I’m not gonna try sell you and bombard you with endless emails. Just a conversation to see if we’re a good fit. Click here to get in touch.

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