The 2 Reasons Entrepreneurs End Up Blending In…And Suffering For It

It might feel safe, but it’s stupid…dangerous actually. Yet, it’s exactly what so many entrepreneurs and marketers do.

Blend in. Talk & Act Just Like Their Competitors. 

Some because they’re clueless. Most because they’re scared.

If you’re clueless, well, good news, i’m about to introduce you to a simple marketing tool that’ll help you stand out from your competitors.

But if you’re scaredwatch this, because there’s money to be made in fear

Now quite a few people for some strange reason just haven’t ever really appreciated the gold mine that lies in standing out and answering that all important question…

Why should anyone choose you over your competitors?

One easy way to answer this is with the help of a USP…a unique sales proposition. Here’s what it is, and how it use it easy-peasy. I sat down to give it to you in just 3 mins…

And suddenly it all makes sense now right?

I’m gonna try and sell the concept to you…use it. it’s going to make a difference. You’re going be delighted with how a USP can help you make the right friends and enemies

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  1. Great presentation there Max. Great tip too. The sound of the wind blowing aside that is.

    Can’t wait for your next post.

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