8 Crazy Things You Must Believe To Become A Success In Hard Times.

You will rise and fall on the strength of your beliefs. Make no mistake about it friend, if you believe the right things in life and in business, then you will become a Success. The closer your beliefs align with truth, the closer you get to genuine success, especially in “the winter”

Yea but…

Ok, It’s true, bad stuff happens to good people and all that, but in reality, in the end, what happens to you is only a small part of what eventually becomes  of your life. Far more powerful are the things going on the inside, in your mind and heart, than on the outside, in your circumstances.

Fortunately, success leaves clues, and after thousands of years and countless examples of successful people, we know that the rich and the poor think differently. This is true for individuals, organizations and even nations. Successes think in very different ways to those who up failures, and failures, think differently and quite frankly, some of their beliefs must have seemed crazy at the time.

From the shoulders of giants and from my own experience, I offer these crazy beliefs for you to adopt. They’re crazy because sometimes, to some people, they’re just going to seem unrealistic, childish and even stupid

But so what right

Belief #1 – Things Will Work Out For Me
What most people believe. Things are getting worse and worse for me, it will never get better,  I’m going to have to settle for mediocrity and bare survival. Things are not going to work out for me.   

What you need to believe It’s central to the mind of a successful entrepreneur to be positive, expectant. Even if your last 3 businesses have all crashed and burned, your fourth will be no more successful if you adopt a “I’m just doing it, but it probably won’t work” attitude. Faith and confidence supply the vast amount of energy and perseverance needed to make it in a difficult environment like this one. 

What if you don’t believe? Then you won’t try – and even if you do, you’ll do it half-heartedly, tentatively.

Belief #2 There’s A Way To Take Advantage of this Mess

What most people believe:

It is what it is. I’m powerless, I’m a victim of the environment, the economy can’t be fixed and there’s no way to take advantage of any of this!  

What you need to believe.

Hidden inside of every problem is an opportunity. A probortunty.
An opportunity to innovate, to learn, to grow. In a messed up environment is loads of that one thing every entrepreneur needs to make it big…a big problem. And if your’e out to make a difference or collect a big paycheck, this could turn at to be the best environment in the world!

What if you don’t believe?

Then you shut down your creativity and stop looking for solutions. You become a victim of your circumstance, with no hope of ever improving it.

Belief #3 The resources I Need Are Available

What most people believe.

I have no money and therefore it’s over! What is in my pocket and my bank account is the only way to fund my business venture.

What you need to believe.

Money is everywhere! The capital I need to fund my business may be in someone else’s pocket, but it’s real and it exists. All I need to do is give them a good enough reason to give it to me. All I need to do is position my problem as an opportunity for them, and they’ll fund me!

What if you don’t believe?

You go blind! Instead of seeing the potential sources of income or investment that you can tap into, you only see your limitations. And the more limitation conscious you become, the more power they have over you and your ability to create.

Belief #4 I’ll Make It, Even If It Takes A While

What most people believe.

I’ve tried and failed, others have tried and failed. That’s proof that I’ll never be able to do it.
What you need to believe. Success is very rarely happens overnight, but it does happen. I may need to keep knocking on the same door, knock on a different one or knock in a different way – whatever I have to do, I will make it! Time is a big part in what it takes to grow and mature into someone who can not only enjoy success, but also maintain success.

What if you don’t believe this?

You’ll quit too soon. You’ll give up on your dreams because it took longer than you thought it would to manifest.

Belief #5 What I’m Doing is Bigger Than Me

What most people believe.

If I can just get myself a comfortable an cozy life, I’ll be happy!

What you need to believe.

My cause is bigger and more important than just my person comfort. That’s why I’m willing to press on through all these obstacles and set backs. My family, friends and many people I am yet to meet are relying on me to succeed, even if they don’t know it. My vision is about more than just personal benefit, but I’m out to impact the world around me in a positive way.

What if you don’t believe?

Selfishness is a poor motivator. It’ll cloud your judgment, dilute your impact and ultimately lead to failure. Even if you’re lucky enough to make some money, all you’ll be is a failure with a fat bank account. That just not good enough.

Belief #6 I’m Different

What most people believe.

John failed, so did Tapiwa…so I’ll probably fail too. Businesses are closing down, why should I expect to be any different?

What you need to believe

I am different! Inside me is a unique set of skills, knowledge, ideas and resources that make me unique. God made me special…outstanding, different. The failure of others to accomplish this, is no indication whatsoever that I will fail…I’m different.

What if you don’t believe?

You’ll overtly or secretly compete with the people you should be supporting and celebrating. You’ll measure what’s possible for your life based on what those around you have done or failed to do, rather than your own unique purpose and opportunity.

Belief #7 My Mistakes & Failures Don’t Mean It’s The End

What most people believe.

I failed, therefore I am a failure.

What you need to believe.
I failed, I’ve learned something, I’m actually closer to success than I’ve ever been! Failure is just a part of the learning and experimentation that’s necessary for getting good at stuff i haven’t done before.  Now that I know what doesn’t work, I’m that much more equipped for my success.

What if you don’t believe?
You’ll stretch the life of your failures and mistakes far beyond their expiry dates. Instead of moving on from yesterday, you become stuck in it.

Belief #8 Its Actually, I’m already a success

This one I’ve reserved for last, it’s the most important one of all. More than any other this is the one that will most likely make you seem crazy to ordinary people. It’s the one most likely to get you ridiculed. But it’s also the most powerful.


Because it reaches past mere positive thinking and into the realm of faith
And here is where we path ways completely with conventional wisdom…Success outside of  – Jesus is impossible!

I’ve been writing from the perspective of someone who is trying to become a success, but in reality, faith doesn’t work that way. You can only be consistently the person who you believe you already are.

If you you believe that you are not a success, but trying to be one, that sends a subconscious message to your brain and heart about how you should behave. You’ll act like someone who isn’t a success – but might become one, one day.

But who are you right now?

Achieving success will often call for you to take your eyes off of the temporal reality you see around you and to BE the person you one day hope to be, today. Talk like a success, act like a success, and you will produce the results of a success.  Talk like someone who is trying…and that is most likely all you will ever be – the guy who tried to become a success.

Faith goes into the future and lays hold of the the reality you want, and brings it into the present, even before anyone else can see it.  You must already possess it, before you can live it.
And so there you have it. 8 crazy beliefs you will have to adopt for genuine, long term success… did I leave out any? Which is the most important for you?

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4 Replies to “8 Crazy Things You Must Believe To Become A Success In Hard Times.”

  1. These beliefs are absolutely true … things we don’t believe we can do or believe of or about ourselves. Thank you for helping us reflect on the issues that will help us focus on the big picture and achieve success.
    Looking forward to applying these beliefs … all of them for me are important!!

  2. Thank you so much Sir Max, I am definitely saving this into my “Nuggets” file.

  3. Hey Max.

    I’m impressed. I have read the report just as I start my business journey. I want to practise all as I start now.

    I like the last one that already, I am successful and must talk, walk and live like that. no going back. Failure has no place in my ventures.

    Thanks Max

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