Use THESE 7 Secrets to Turn Your Ordinary Flier Into a Huge Customer Pulling Magnet

Flyer by lighting world...
Flyer by lighting world…

Listen closely; if you follow this step by step advice, the next flier you design for your business will be the most profitable piece of paper you’ve ever printed. Here’s why…

The humble flier has been around forever. It remains a popular marketing tactic for many local businesses, and for good reason. Compared to many other forms of marketing, they’re relatively cheap and easy to design, print and distribute.

Problem is, the average flier is completely ignored.

Most fliers are ignored, thrown away without so much as reading the first line. They’re worthless pieces of paper, hardly worth bending over to pick up should they fall to the ground. The reason for this is that usually when they’re designed, most of the critical fundamentals of effective, psychology driven marketing are ignored, in favor of meaningless things like “make our logo bigger” and “my favorite color is red”

Trees hate it when you cut them down for rubbish flyers!

Trees hate it when you cut them down for rubbish flyers – have a heart!

Now, if you get just a few of these things right, your flier will make you more money than it cost to produce. But If you nail them all, you’re going to have a huge customer pulling magnet on your hands.

Oh, you like the sound of that?

Good, then let’s get started. First thing you have to do is make sure your flier doesn’t end up in the bin before it’s even read…for that, you’ll need a killer headline…

1) Write At Least 10 headlines for your flyertips-to-create-killer-headlines

Every element of your flier plays an important role in achieving your objective. Understanding what these are makes you better able to use them…and none more so than your headline. Most research shows that your headlines can account for as much at 80% of the response you get from a given advertisement.

Jumping Jack Rabbits, Eighty Percent!!

That’s how important it is that you choose a powerful headline. In the vast majority of cases, a prospect will decide on the value of your message based solely on your headline alone. Knowing this, you should put a lot of effort into getting it right.

Don’t settle for the first headline that pops into your head, take the time to play with s many ideas as you can, until you find something you’re confident will best resonate with your audience. For example, even before I wrote a single line of copy for this article, I played with multiple headlines

  • 7 ways to design the best flier ever
  • 7 secrets to turning your flier into a profit-making machine
  • 7 Little known secrets for designing fliers that work
  • Find out how a simple flier can make you some real money
  • After reading this, you’ll never design a useless flier again
  • 7 Things that turn an ordinary flier into a massive money magnet
  • If you do just 5 of these 7 things right, your flier will be a massive success
  • 7 Mistakes you’re about to make on flier design
  • 7 reasons why your next fliers will be a waste of money
  • Only one in 10 entrepreneurs knows these 7 secrets to the ultimate flier design
  • The ultimate guide to the most profitable Flier You’ve Ever Created
  • How To Make Darn Sure Your Next Flier Isn’t a Waste Of Money.
  • And so on…

Some of them will be rubbish. Some will be winners. The point here is not to settle for the first headline that pops into your head…like “Back to School”…the first headline businesses think of when kids are going back to school!

In most cases, and budgets, in offline marketing, you’re not going to be able to test your headlines before choosing one, but if you know your customer and you’re sensitive to how they think, just the process of thinking up 10 headlines will make you far more likely to choose a better headline.

Now ultimately, many people fail to choose an effective headline because they just don’t know what the point of a headline is in the first place.  There are only two reasons for a headline…

  1. Grab the attention of the right person (in my case, the person interested in creating an effective flier)
  2. To Get them to read the next sentence.

If you headline fails to do these two things, then almost nothing else matters. All is lost. So, don’t be lazy about this part…take the time to think up multiple possible headlines for your flier or advert.

 2) Set the right goal for your flier.

GOALS-ON-TARGETMost people, funny enough have very vague and sometimes even no goal at all for the ads they design. They design them hoping that somehow, in some way, it will benefit the business, but aren’t exactly sure exactly how. Other times they just set the wrong goal.

The most common WRONG goal I come across is trying to make a sale directly off the flier.

WRONG GOAL: To Make Sales immediately.

What’s so wrong with setting this as a goal? After all, isn’t that the point of marketing? Of course…if it doesn’t ultimately lead to a sale, then it typically leads to a very unprofitable and unmeasurable sort of marketing…the kind ad agencies get away with because they’re not actually measured by results (a rant for another day).

Understand this my friend…

Whenever you have very limited space or time to talk to your prospect, you’re not going to be able to create a compelling case to convince most to buy immediately. The more expensive or complex your product, the more effort it takes to get it, the most competition you have, the harder the sale is going to be.

When you can’t make a complete case for your product because of lack of time or space, aim to convert to something that requires a lot less convincing  – “Give us a call on 263773 xxx xxx for more information”. In this way, when they call, you can take the time required to explain, answer questions, overcome objections and close a sale. At this point you now have their contact details and you can follow-up several times, until they convert. Aim to move the prospect further down your sales funnel, not all the way to a sale, immediately.

The less of a commitment you need up front, the more initial responses you’re going to get and the more opportunity you’re going to have to connect with potential customers. At this stage, the more responses from genuine prospects, the better.

All this requires of course that you’re ready for them when they take that next step having seen your flier. When they call or email, you know exactly what you’re going to say, to get them to move even further down the funnel. The number of levels your funnel has is going to depend on the price, complexity, rarity and value of your offer. There are some cases in which your product is so simple, so easy to buy, that it’s worth just asking for the sale directly on the flier.

Consider what would be most appropriate in your situation.

3) Use A Powerful Image For Your Flier Advert

Use an image that gets attention
Use an image that gets attention

The right picture is worth a thousand words, but the wrong one will lose you money. Now as with both points one and two, again, set a clear goal for your headline. Here’s how I personally choose

  • If I am convinced my headline will be sufficient to capture attention, I will make my image a credibility element (I’ll explain this below)
  • If I know my headline could use some help in grabbing the desired attention, then that’s what my image will be about.
  • If I am satisfied that My headline will grab the attention I need and that some other element – Eg my Logo ( one that is known and respected by prospects) or some other way will use my image to illustrate or help explain something important.

There are other ways to use images, but my personal experience is that the above there are by far the most effective.

I said above that images can be used as credibility elements. Here’s what I mean. Your flier is going to make some kind of promise. Something that you need people to believe that you’re able to deliver on. If I want what you’re selling, but if your believability is low, you’ve lost a client. The right image can help fortify the credibility of your company or the promise you’re making.

If  you’ve invested in a brand that is known and trusted by the people seeing the flier, then your logo might just be the a real credibility boosting image. If you’re still new or unknown, you might show a pic that shows off your capacity or your trustworthiness.

Sex-Sells-bagsBack to attention;

Not all attention is equal by the way. For example, a picture of a naked woman will always get attention from men, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right approach for your advert or flier. Sex sells when you’re selling sexy, but usually it just distracts your prospect and attracts people who are not prospects at all. Your image should never draw attention away from your offer…make sure it’s supporting the goal.



4) Design flyers for response, not pretty.

emotional responseMarketing and art are two very different things. Graphic designers and marketers alike often confuse these. Good art will make you say “Wow, how creative”. “Good marketing should make you say :Wow, where’s my wallet”. If people are looking at your flier and admiring it’s artistry, that;s a bad sign. What you want is for them to be responding to your call to action.

So instead of making it pretty, make it effective. Forget your favorite colors and the best photo shop effect the world has ever known…instead, use design to make your flier easy to read, easy to understand and east to respond to. That means layout, colors, shapes, images, typography and so on…all these combine to make a response pulling machine, not a work of art. Keep this in mind constantly, your designer may forget, sometimes they can’t tell the difference!

5) A Clear Call To Action…tell me exactly what to do now

call_to_actionThis one surprises people, but just because you’ve left your contact details below, doesn’t mean people know how to respond to your ad. Make it crystal clear. Make it so clear that even the simplest mind among your prospects will know exactly what to do. Say “Call us for a free quotation now” or “Whats-app 263774 xxx xxx to get our product list”…whatever you do, make it clear.

I know it sounds really simple, but your call to action is a key element for a definite response. It’s the difference between telling someone “I live at 8 Soutter Road, Borrowdale” And Saying “Come over this Sunday for lunch, 1 pm”.  Which do you think is more likely to get you a visit?

People want to know that the response they take is appropriate and expected.

Next time someone browses your store, wouldn’t you like to know he was responding directly to your flier, rather than just a random passer-by? You can when you tell me what you want me to do with your flier.

Make sense?

You can make your call to action even better by adding a reward for action to it. “Call before X and get a free X” or “10% Off for our first 100 respondents”.

6) Cover the basics

cover the basics

This one is boring…yet so important. Do the stuff you’re supposed to do without being told

  • Spell check your flier
  • Pay for a good quality print
  • Include your contacts and business name
  • Make sure everything is legible
  • Etc

Leaving out any of these can severely mess up your response and affect the credibility of your flier and even your company. Take the time to look it over. If you’re like me, and you suck at this, make sure someone you trust does it for you.

7) Give It to the Right Person

wrong personNow after we’ve done all this work, it’d be a terrible shame to hand your perfect flier to the wrong person right?

After all, not even the most powerful flier on earth for the most awesome wedding planner in the universe is going to get me to act if I’m already married.

So now think carefully about how and where to distribute your flyers.

If you can’t hand them out yourself, consider hiring someone you can trust, like these guys or these ones

But even then, don’t simply leave it to them, make sure they understand who your market is.

  • Are they in Borrowdale or Chitungwiza?
  • Are they driving or on foot?
  • Man or woman?
  • Young or old?
  • and so on.

And that’s it! Follow these important steps and you’re going to end up with a flyer that actually gets results for your business, not one that ends up in the bin, unread.

Was that helpful? did i leave out anything? Shoot me a comment below…


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  1. Thank you sir, this is perfect timing for me, i have been considering printing some flyers for our IT shop. Question – What do you think about fliers vs brochures? which is better?

  2. Max,

    Thanks for churning out such an insightful article. Just to add to that, I would test my message for the flyer including the headline on social media. I see facebook advertising handy for testing your flyer message. You could invest just $20 to run five parallel messages and get the results.

    Apart from showing you what works, you will also know to whom does the particular message appeal to. It may be a small sample but it’s worth it all the way.

    Once again, well done Max.

  3. this wil actually help me in this marketing strategy thanks

  4. Thank you so much! This was so informative… Pity I can’t print fliers for my business (I am a vet and we aren’t allowed to advertise as such in public) but this has given me ideas for how I can improve my business image and for our facebook page!

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