Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Afraid Of Shadows?

fear of shadowsSciophobia or Sciaphobia is the Fear of shadows, which sucks as far as phobias go, since shadows are everywhere you go. This fear of shadows is quite different to other phobias though, and that’s what makes it so interesting (to me). You see, unlike the Algophobia- Fear of pain, Altophobia- Fear of heights, or Iophobia- Fear of poison, Sciophobia is the fear of something that presents no actual danger – at all! That’s what got me thinking about you and your business.

As entrepreneurs we often fear things that present no real danger.

Fear is a terribly unhealthy use of your imagination. Consider that in the hands of the right mind a little thing can become a monster. A little debt can become a mountain. A little problem can become a deathblow to your business.

As entrepreneurs, these fears holds us back. They cause us to see threats and failure where they do not exist. They exaggerate for us the risk of the venture before us. Where opportunity exists, we imagine rather the danger associated with it. It is my estimation that there is no greater hindrance to your success in business, than fear. The things you allow yourself to fear are often far less harmful, than the fear of the thing itself.

As Roosevelt put it in that great speech of his…

“The Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself




I have lived in fear, a prison of fear. I have watched opportunity and progress slip past for fear of laying claim to it. I have seen great things, beautiful things vanish before my eyes, for fear of confronting the shadows i see.

The shadow of possible criticism i might have to endure. The shadow of failure i may have to experience. The shadow of past mistakes come to haunt me. Fear destroys.

I have also lived free, made progress, conquered giants and been a hero to some. In these times as an entrepreneur i have found that the thing that is consistent in my most glorious moments of success, is not the marketing or business strategy, or the easy availability of resources or even the absence of mistakes – it is instead the freedom from fear.

You must make the choice to use your imagination differently. You must tell yourself that the fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself. You must as an entrepreneur seize the day, and the opportunities of now.

People hide from shadows in two ways.

They shrink back into darkness, until the shadow they saw has disappeared from sight, but in the process, their whole life has been covered in darkness, or they surround themselves with light. You must do the latter.

Fear nothing, nor be the cause of fear in anyone else. 

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3 Replies to “Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Afraid Of Shadows?”

  1. Mr Max, tears in my eyes as i read this. i can really identify with living in fear because thats what i have been doing now for so long. i have ideas that have just died because of this. its good to know that even the best have been through it. i am encouraged to get up. thanks boss.

    1. Max

      Thanks man for revealing our real enemy. Our real enemy is not the devil. our real enemy is fear. The devil’s job is just made easier because of it. It is high time we came out of this shell of fear and become the best people God made us become. Thanks once again for helping us

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