“Aiwa, Let’s Not Bring Jesus Into This”

no Jesus allowedSeems strange that a business can be owned by a Christian, employing Christians and yet, is most definitely not a Christian business.

How do i know?

Because Jesus has no place in the boardroom where decisions are made. He has no place on the budget when spending is discussed. He has no place on the mission statement board where vision and values are proclaimed. He has no place in meetings when partnerships and strategies and “way forwards” are formed.

Christians, so often feel they must say their prayers in private, practice their preaching undercover, prove their principles in secret.

“Yes, yes we are all Christians here, but don’t be too zealous Max”

1. It might offend others who are not Christian – or not “100% Christian”. After all we are selling car parts here, not pulpits.
2. We might embarrass ourselves when we are proven imperfect. After all people will judge you harshly if you claim to follow Christ, and fail.
3. They might criticize us for being too religious, after all, this is a company, not a church.

Its all about the Benjamins, right?
No, it’s not all about the Benjamins

Besides all that, business is all about “the Benjamins” not Jesus. “Aiwa, let’s not bring Jesus into this.”


It’s true, when you preach what you practice, society are more sensitive to the occasions you fail to practice what you preach. Econet is a great example of that.

Strive masiyiwa is a Christian

How many times has someone said “Econet, you claim to be Christians but your customer service sucks” or “you claim to a Christian business but you are charging us xyz”. I am glad they have not let those criticisms, even where deserved, stop them. The result is a good many Christian, inspired by their example and their success. I challenge you to do the same.

Now I don’t mean to say we should be bashing people with bibles and attaching preaching to products or sermons to salaries. I don’t mean you have to name your business;

“Lovers of Jesus Forever Computer Consumables”

I just mean, that if you’re a Christian, don’t hide it. Don’t pretend to be a good guy if it’s really because you’re a “God guy”. Don’t be shy about salvation and don’t be ashamed of your association. Give generously, forgive regularly, serve faithfully, love genuinely and let people know it’s because you’re a Christian, not just a nice person.

We all are imperfect in many ways, me probably more than you.

I struggle to shine, I make stupid mistakes, I’ve even been known to make the same mistake more than once (I know you would never be that dumb right?). BUT Gods grace has kept me going in my darkest hours, my loneliest times. Gods grace has blessed, and promoted me so many times. Jesus has been and remains my salvation, my hope, my provision, my strength, my wisdom, my help. Everything an entrepreneur needs. Everything for life and Godliness. Wouldn’t it would be selfish to keep all that to myself…just to seem more “professional”?

Business is not that separate part of our lives, where Jesus is left outside and picked up on the way home. It’s not enough to live heavenly values without letting people know why you do it and how – that’s not a life well lived.

I hope as you read this, you have yourself in mind, not “that hypocrite” who claims to be a Christian but you saw him pay a bribe and eish that other one who slept her way to the top. No finger-pointing. Just a challenge directly to you and me. “Aiwa, Lets bring Jesus into this.”

Your thoughts?

3 Replies to ““Aiwa, Let’s Not Bring Jesus Into This””

  1. When a business is established its focus is to serve a particular need to customers. As that business grows it may add more services to meet more needs. Usually those services are related, if not it might create a child company or subsidiary. Here Max I think you focusing on two different needs. Both your messages are super but I think you need another blog that is dedicated to Christianity. That way you are able to segment your followers and serve them fully as there is no mixing of content. Bizsetup has been known to be a marketing oriented blog. Its good to market God to us your readers but I would enjoy it more if I see one post from Bizsetup and another from GodisAlive or whatever the name of that blog might be

  2. Without any offense intended….
    @ Agony and @ Max.
    I think the comment by Agony serves to buttress the point made by Max in the above blog. “We must not mix both or we lose readers, clients or —”

    Sometimes,articles like these should feature in blogs like these as some readers of Bizsetup might not read a “God is alive” blog.
    The need to cross pollinate both from time to time in this manner I think is great but more so essential.
    Many believers do not frequent Christian blogs but will find a blog like this helpful and relevant.

    Just another perspective as you contemplate Max.
    By the way, great write up. Really helped draw my thoughts to my segregatory ways.

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