The Zimbabwe Situation: What If Things Never Get Better?

one_day_things_will_get_better“But what if the situation in Zimbabwe, doesn’t get better? What do we do?” I was asked this very recently by a certain business person.

It’s a fair question.

I have three suggestions, but first, I must admit to being an optimist, a stubborn one at that. The optimists problem is his blindness to just how bad things really are – he feels there is a way out even when he should be panicking. He’s too easily distracted by the opportunities around him to see how hard that stuff has really hit the fan!

Poor guy.

“…but seriously, what if things never do get better?”

“Max, for years optimists have been saying things will get better,the Zimbabwe situation will turn around, but it hasn’t. Many people have grown sick of hearing “it can’t go on much longer, it can’t possibly get any worse”, they just don’t believe it anymore.”

And it is well-known that there are many things that need bettering.

And so on

Isn’t there a real possibility that these situations will NOT get better?

I don’t think so.

Problems aren’t permanent, they’re just opportunities waiting to be discovered and capitalized on. Sooner or later, right now or at another time, the people who can see this will show up (they have already). People with the requisite skills, mindset and the guts to take advantage of these opportunities – things will improve – but what if I’m wrong?

Well, If things never get better, then you’ll have to.

You will have to get better. If the weight will not become lighter, then the weight lifter must become stronger. For every tough environment, there is someone who beats the odds, for every challenge you face, someone has been through worse and overcome it. They did it because even when things didn’t get better, they did.

Better at what?

Customer-Thinking-ImageBetter at thinking. 

Seems strange to think that one person can be better at thinking than another right? Yet it’s true. Unfortunately, thinking skills isn’t something taught in school, it should be. Your thoughts, your attitude, your perspective, your mindset – these have far more and longer lasting impact on the quality of your life than any economy can. It’s the reason why even in the worst economies, there are some who prosper, and in the best economies, there are those who remain poor.

entrepreneur-superhero-picBetter at being an entrepreneur.

That means you’ll have to get better at identifying opportunities and then capitalizing on them, better at leveraging your own and other people’s resources, better at building and maintaining valuable relationships (even when you don’t feel like it). A better entrepreneur can get better results, even when the circumstances are particularly challenging.

is money your godAnd, you might also need a better God. 

More specifically, a better god than money. It’s a curious thing, Of all the things the bible could have said a man cannot serve, it chooses money. Perhaps it’s because of all the things people are tempted to make an idol of, money tops the list. You need a better God than money. When things get tough is easy to get fearful about money. It’s easy to sacrifice far more valuable things, like values and relationships to protect your money. It’s easy to emphasize things over people. These fears will work against you.

If money determines your value system, anchors your confidence, acts as your savior – it’s your god. This is the person whose days are consumed with the pursuit of money, whose joy and peace is determined by the state of his bank account, who sacrifices relationships and even his own conscience for money – who define success by the weight of his wallet. If you’re in a tough place, don’t let money become your god – it will ruin you.

Jesus, makes for a far better God than does money. And really, having a better God, will make for a far better entrepreneur in the end.

If the improvements in the Zimbabwe situation tarry, and last when they do come, we shall have to make improvements in a far more important place first – our own hearts.

We must become better.

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12 Replies to “The Zimbabwe Situation: What If Things Never Get Better?”

  1. So very much On point! … kinda reminds one of words of Matt 8:11 -12″ …many gentiles will come from all over the world – from east & west – and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob at the feast in Kingdom of Heaven. ” Verse 12 is one that really sobers me up ” but many Israelites – those for whom Kingdom was prepared – will be thrown into our darkness…” Why because we do not believe & have faith that the situation will change. In the meantime our hotels are full of foreigners from East & West & even those from the North are coming to find business opportunities in the very place we think will not change! Even

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