How To Find An Office in Harare CBD

Harare officesSo now that your business is registered and going formal, you’ll be thinking about office space to operate from. Finding a decent and affordable premises for offices, even in the Harare CBD can be really difficult but perhaps i can help. Whether you’re a small team or a one man band, if your company is registered and you’re looking for office space in Harare, this post is for you – oh and use the form below if you’d like some help with the process.

First things first though, lets talk a little about how you should choose an office space. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you settle on any business premises in Harare

1) Is this primarily for clients to visit, employees to work or both?

Knowing and understanding the purpose of your office is important and will affect the sort of place and space you choose. Sometimes having an office is primarily for credibility sake and that’s okay too. Once you know how you want an office to contribute to your business, then you can set out to look for one that can do that for you.

2) Does this office paint the right picture?
Like a website or any branding material you use, your office can say a lot about you. Is this potential office saying the right thing? This is especially important if you’re going to be meeting clients or trying to higher top skills from that location. Size, style, decor, location and so on, these all play a role in communicating something about your brand and your business.

3) Can i afford this office?

This should be an obvious one right? A good many businesses are getting themselves in trouble over rentals they simply can not afford. You’re not in business for rent, you’re in it to take something home after the rent. So be careful how much you commit to. Don’t take out more space than you have use for unless you genuinely anticipate profitable growth that warrants it in the near future. Space costs.

Sometimes tenants struggle because of hidden costs. Utilities you didn’t expect to pay, repairs, construction work, furniture and so on. Consider all this carefully before you sign that contract. Oh, and negotiate. As is often said in real estate “Asking price is not selling price”.

working from home4) Should i Start Out working from home?

This options isn’t available to all kinds of businesses, but the vast majority of start-ups can make it work. Depends on where home is and what home looks like for you. Now, just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you need to be careless or overly casual about it. Move furniture around, put up a sign or two, print some brochures and so on – create an environment that you feel motivated to work in and that will create a good impression on the right people.

Now…back to those of you who are looking for office space to rent in the CBD. If you’re serious about it, and ready to act, I want to hear from you. Whilst i cant guarantee you an office, i can probably help you out faster, and easier than you could do for yourself. Use this form, or get in touch

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