Why Everyone Needs To Learn Marketing

3-multichannel-marketing-lessons-from-the-UKs-Other-StoriesAs I see it, marketing is so pertinent, so basic to everyday life, that every student should be taught the subject. It’s right up there with Maths, English and How to rob a bank.

And I’m serious about that last one.

One reason we have such poor pass rates In schools, is that teachers and parents alike, don’t know how to market learning to kids. I’d have paid much more attention in class if someone had said “Max, these are the sort of skills that super agents and evil geniuses use to take over the world!”

Heck, I’d have become the national home-work champion!

You’ll be marketing yourself your whole life. It’s how you get that girl to marry you, how you get past the job interview or score a big promotion. It’s how you start a movement about something you care about, or get your kids to fall in love with homework.

And as a special bonus, You can even use it to sell products and services.

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