Good Leadership Is About Caring, But Not Caring

what-do-you-care-aboutThe problem with leadership is that it requires a man who can be deeply moved by the struggles of others, and hardly moved by their opinions.

It requires a person who can step out of himself, whilst remaining true to himself.

Many people are good at one of these, but very few can do both – yet that is what leadership requires. A strong sense of the needs around you, and the rare ability to overcome the voices of negative criticism and distraction – to not care.

Which one prevents you from becoming a more effective leader?

8 Replies to “Good Leadership Is About Caring, But Not Caring”

  1. Well said Max, and i believe that,with leadership thats where it starts and ends.With good leadership the vision of the organization is well articulated.

  2. how can i be a network company consultant to companies like greenworld,tiens etc

    On 06/02/2014, Bizsetup: Doing business in Zimbabwe

    1. Hi there mate. The ones you mention are fairly easy to join. They require a small fee upfront which gains you entry into the system. Do your homework first before you join any multi level marketing company. There’s a lot of hype around them, but you’ve got to be prepared to work very hard at it.

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