You’re Not To Old To Start A Business, Here’s Why

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So you’d love to start a business here in Zimbabwe, but you’re worried that you’re too old? Let me tell you, you have nothing to fear from old age, and here’s why;
robert mugabe zimbabwePresident Robert Mugabe is 90 years and starting another term of as president of Zimbabwe! I bet you’re a lot younger than 90 aren’t you? Age is first and foremost a state of mind, not body. Many people allow themselves to start to feel old at 50 years old.


Heck, at that young age, you’re still a spring chicken! You have a lot of life ahead of you, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle.  So love him or hate him, President Robert Mugabe is an example to aged people everywhere…if you’re still breathing, then you should still be dreaming and making plans, and making a difference.

2) The older you are, the more experience you have. A very large portion of what causes young entrepreneurs to fail, is the lack of experience they have. Not just work experience in a particular field or industry, but experience in making wise decisions, handling money, managing relationships and so on. Your experience is a tremendously important soft asset. Value it.

3) Fewer Commitments. This isn’t true for everyone, but often, depending on your age, you have fewer commitments to and distractions to worry about. The kids have moved or will soon be moving out of home, no one is expecting you and any late night party this Friday and you generally have a good handle on your time.

4) You Have a much larger network. Over the years you’ve made friends and acquaintances that could come in very handy now or in the future for your new business.

5) You have a little more money. Or access to it. By now it’s possible you’ve saved or have a stable source of income already coming in for you. This can be a huge asset.

So, if you think you’re old and yet younger than President Mugabe, you really have no excuse! Success stories of people who started businesses in the later years of their lives are all over. Of course, there are a few things you should take into consideration though;

  1. Live healthy. Having energy to function is an important part of being able to start your own business. Make sure you’re living, eating and doing healthy.
  2. Focus on a business that’s not too physically involving. If the nature of your business idea is physical, that’s OK, but be planning on how you’re going to outsource some of those responsibilities.
  3. Consider partnering with a young person. Young people are desperately looking for mentors and an older person gives them lots of advantages that they don’t have. You may find it very advantageous to have some young blood do the run around stuff.

Lastly, let me say, if age is your primary excuse for not starting, then you almost certainly should be starting one. You have more strengths than weaknesses available to you. It’s never too late to pursue a dream and be what you have not yet become. Go for it! You’re not to old to start a business, and you’re not too young either.

As always, if you need help, feel free to contact me.

And if you know anyone who needs to read this…sharing is caring.

4 Replies to “You’re Not To Old To Start A Business, Here’s Why”

  1. Thank you for these encouraging words. Already I feel young and challenged and I feel the drive to remain and do something positive

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