The 3 Things Your New Business Absolutely Must Have

There are so many things a business needs to for it to operate optimally, but not everything matters equally. One of the main reasons new businesses die, or remain small forever, is because start up entrepreneurs focus on all the wrong things. Do you know what really matters for a new business? Are you crystal clear on what your new business MUST have on day one?

It’s a surprisingly simple list. However, the way you manage around these three simple things, will make all the difference in your business – not just today, but for years to come.

Here’s the list;

1) Something To Sell (a service or a product). The better it is, the easier number 2 and 3 are going to be. Of course, not everyone is really clear on what they’re actually selling. It’s much more than just a ‘thing’ or a ‘thing you do’. It’s a feeling. Here’s what i mean

2) Someone to sell it to (a market). Without a market of genuinely interested buyers, who are willing and able to purchase – your business is doomed. No maybe about it. No matter what else you have, without this, you don’t have a business.

3) Someway to talk to the market (marketing). How are you going to tell the guy you want to make a deal with, that you have something he wants? Newspaper? Facebook? Radio? Office visits? Fliers? Be clear on how you’re going to reach him, and what you’re going to say to him. Oh, and don’t say what all your competitors are already saying, you need to stand out.

As complicated as we make business seem, at the end of the day, these three things are really the most important things a brand new start u needs to have in order.

We happen to be very good at helping businesses young and old at that third one. Showing you how to communicate with your market in the most effect way possible for the budget you have. Need help? get in touch.

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