5 Reasons Becoming An Entrepreneur Is A Good Idea

Man on topIs becoming an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe a good idea, or should you just look for a job?

Choosing to go the entrepreneurial route is not something to be taken lightly, there are pros and con to consider. However, there can be no doubt that while entrepreneurship maybe the tougher route in the beginning, the rewards for success, far surpass anything formal employment will ever offer you.

So here are 5 good reasons to consider becoming an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe.

1) Test your limits. Do you want to see how far you can go in life? How much potential you really have? Few roles offer the opportunity to do that as does entrepreneurship. Can you imagine what possible job Strive Masiyiwa have had to have, to match the distance he has traveled and explored by founding Econet Wireless? That job doesn’t exist. If you’re ambitious and want to go far, if ordinary isn’t enough for you, becoming an entrepreneur could be a great idea.

2) Freedom to be your own boss. What does it feel like to be your own boss? To own your time at last? To set your own daily agenda? To decide for yourself when you will go on Holiday? These are things you will never know as an employee. Starting a business, if you do it right, and set it up right, can offer you the freedom to truly be your own boss. Often, this freedom, more than anything is what has inspired great entrepreneurs – are you the next one?

3) Make some real money. If you work for someone else, you will never – ever be paid what you’re worth. Your boss needs to make a profit off of your time and talent, which means he has to pay you less for it. Becoming an entrepreneur opens up incredible opportunities to make far more money than does employment. Even in Zimbabwe, where the economy isn’t nearly achieving its potential, many are making enough money to buy houses and cars and put only the tastiest food on the table. It doesn’t happen immediately, sometimes, in fact it can take much longer than expected. However, if you keep learning, keep growing and keep reaching – you can make a boat load of money.

4) Work From Home. For many, becoming an entrepreneur has more to do with how they want to live their lives. You can do it by fighting long and hard, year after year to climb the corporate ladder, or just making ends meet. or you can find a viable business you can start and work at from home. It allows you to spend regular, quality time with your family (something a lot of employees miss out on).

5) Change the World. Not all businesses are about making money or personal comfort for the owner. Some people are on a mission to change the world. To leave a mark that history will not erase, to impact a whole generation, or a country for the better. Is that you? Entrepreneurs like this spot a problem and commit their talents, money, ideas – everything they have, to solve it for the good of others. Often, it’s the world changers that make the most money, and derive the greatest personal satisfaction from their job. Even if the world you’re changing is a small one, it’s worth doing. Becoming an entrepreneur could be a great idea, if you’re out to change the world.

So what about you?

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3 Replies to “5 Reasons Becoming An Entrepreneur Is A Good Idea”

  1. Hie Max ? I’v just been going following your e mails and I have found them very interesting and inspiring to me.I am a young man who really wants to be an entrepreneur one day and hence fulfill my dream of making an impact in changing the world for the better.The problem that I have with me is I am finding it very difficult to break into to the market because of a lack of ideas .I have a very strong desire to start a business but I just don’t know which type of a business will best suit me.I am currently working but I am earning very little which then leave me with the challenge of raising capital.

    I am therefore kindly asking you to assist me in developing a real business mindset by providing me with ideas and advices.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreaciated.

    1. Hi there Maxwell, thanks for passing by. I hope you’ll take the time to explore my blog here as i share a lot of ideas and insights on how you can start or grow a business in Zimbabwe, even if you don’t have a massive budget.

  2. Sometimes starting a new business is like a man riding a lion. People look at him and think, “This guy’s really got it together! He’s brave!” And the man riding the lion is thinking, “How the hell did I get on a lion, and how do I keep from getting eaten?”

    It’s not easy but boy, when it comes together it’s really good.

    Just wish the persons responsible for “indigenisation” in Zim could have been sitting on that lion with you though!!!

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