What’s The One Thing You Know?

one thing i knowLets write an Ebook together, what do you say?

My e-book (Cash Baron Secrets) was downloaded about 4000 times without much promotion, but together we can write one that will read far more than that, one that can spread everywhere Zimbabweans are doing business, diaspora included.

It’s called “The one thing i know” 

No matter where you are in business – newbie, expert or guru, you’ve learned at least one thing. Maybe it’s a simple principle that has helped you so far, or a simple truth that you think Zimbabwean entrepreneurs need to know. Whatever it is, would you please send it to me?

A single paragraph or so…maximum 200 words. It could wind up a great way to promote your business, your brand or just help a lot of people. It will be a free download…would you help me help Zimbo’s do business better? Whats the one thing you know? Use the form below.

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