How To Use These 2 Simple Words To Explode Your Marketing Results

How to GuideAlright, let’s get to it, let me show you a simple trick you can use to create far more effective adverts than almost any competitor.

Firstly though, did you know that in advertising and marketing in general, nothing has as big an impact on your results as your headline?

It’s true.

People read your headline before anything else and decide on that basis, whether or not to read further (just like you did with this article).

Now there are quite a few ways to improve your marketing message, and today I want to talk about a really simple, yet mind-blowingly powerful concept…summed up in just two words…

“How To…”

You see, one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is writing and designing adverts for themselves, rather than for their audience. They want it to look nice, they choose the marketing manager’s favorite colors and shapes, they show off their new fancy logo, they want to say it in a clever way…all things that the market couldn’t care less about. Selfish is what it is, and selfish marketing will always be weak.

Miserably weak, at best.

“How To” on the other hand is a totally unselfish approach. “How to” promises a benefit for reading further, “How To” indicates that something worthwhile is to follow.

Do you know something your target market would love to know “How To” do? Can your product or service help them do it?


Good. Then don’t waste their time or yours by talking about how fantastic you think you are or how you’re the first ever to bring product x to Zimbabwe. That’s something you care about – you and your mama – no one else. What your market cares about is

“Will reading this marketing message help me gain a certain benefit or relieve a certain pain?”

Make “How To” the first 2 words of your advert, and you’re going to find it hard to not write something your market actually cares about – unless you really don’t understand them. And if they care about it, they’ll read it, and if they read it, you can influence them. Keep doing that, over and over, and you’ll find yourself becoming the recognized expert on the subject, the most trusted voice (AKA brand power)

…that’s what you want. And it all starts with “How To…”

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