Where Are The Best Business Opportunities In Zimbabwe?

Big business OpportunitiesSo where and what are the best business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe? Usually i have three answers to that question…but today, just one really important one. But you might not like it…

Opportunities are everywhere in Zimbabwe. Opportunities to make money make a difference, make a living – make whatever. The problem is not the lack of local business opportunities; it’s your inability to see them. Fortunately, that’s not as hard as it seems, once you know how.

So, let me show you how…

But first, a question: Two people look at the same situation, one see’s a problem, another see’s an opportunity, whose right?

Answer: They both are.

Question: What’s the difference between them?

Answer: Perspective.

Oh, dear Zimbabwean entrepreneur, perspective is the key to being able to see and identify opportunities. Perspective on what? Your perspective on problems.  I get the same email all the time…

“Dear Max Soutter, I have saved up a little bit of money, what business can i start in Zimbabwe for $1000?” Or “I am going to Dubai in two weeks, what can i bring back to sell in Zimbabwe?”

Most people are looking for a well established, risk free, ‘sure thing’ opportunity when they ask this, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then this post is not for you – big opportunities are most likely, not for you. Why? Because by the time an opportunity is obvious, safe and 100% secure enough to advertise, it’s not really an opportunity anymore – with very few exceptions. Usually though, by the time it’s common knowledge, it’s too late.

So to most people asking, “where are the business opportunities in Zimbabwe?”, my answer would be, “ask a better question”. Like…

“Who In Zimbabwe has a problem, and would pay me to solve it for them?”

  • Look for problems that no one else is solving for a certain group of people
  • Look for problems that people are willing to pay to solve
  • Look for problems which the people who have them, already know that they have a problem.
  • Look for problems that people have deep feelings about (irritation, embarrassment, anger, hope, love, boredom etc).

Bottom line, look for problems.

Does all this sound too vague? It is. So how about an example

Problem: Businesses in Zimbabwe are struggling to market themselves effectively. Advertising costs too much and isn’t working like it used to. Competition is growing; cash flow is tight, etc. Now this just so happens to be a problem I know how to solve. I’ve spent years, countless experiments, thousands of research hours and I have tested and proven ways I know how to solve that problem. My opportunity might not be yours…you may need a different problem for your opportunity, but make no mistake, what you need is a problem.

Finding just the right problem for you isn’t rocket science either.

Ask for advice (email me), read the newspapers, talk to people…you’ll need an ear that hears, because most of the best opportunities don’t actually look like opportunities to make money, they look like problems.  Problems just waiting for the right person, with the right perspective. Waiting for you.

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  1. I sure am impressed with your blog and your presence. I am re-inspired, revitalized and re-interested in my search for ideas on how to make money using the internet from Byo.

  2. These ideas i have to ask myself if i wanna start something has impowered me alot that am always prepared when it comes to new opportunities/improve ideas
    thanx alot for the blog

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