No One Can Do This

nobody-cares“No one does it”
  • No one wants to help
  • No one wants to forgive
  • No one can do it better
  • no one is dependable
  • No one cares
  • No one shares
  • No one loves
  • No one wants to make a difference
  • No one dares take a stand
  • No one will bring integrity to politics
  • No one tells the truth
  • No one is the bigger person
  • No one will save your family, your business or your country

No one, that is – except you.

You are the missing piece of the puzzle. The world is looking for a solution – a ‘soulution’ and that’s where you come in. You are the man in a million, you are the answer to the prayer.

You are the one to do what they say no one else can…

It’s time you started acting like it, because no one can stop you except you.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

No one could have said it better.

You and God are one, and you’re the one we’ve been waiting for.

4 Replies to “No One Can Do This”

  1. there is another posting from your blog about cheap loans at 3% interest . Was it from your blog or someone hacked it because it sounded a bit dodge when l tried to follow it up




    1. Yes, ignore that one please Chenjerai…it was an error. The reason you couldn’t follow up with it is that i deleted it from the site as soon as i saw it, but not in time to prevent it from reaching your in box – spam!

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