Homosexuals In Heaven?

ImageA struggling someone asked – “Will God allow Homosexuals in Heaven?” The answer is NO! Nor will he allow thieves, murderers, liars – or anyone who has ever committed even the smallest sin – especially not you.

Heaven is not for sinners of any kind – yet that is all any of us is without Jesus. God will not allow anyone who is of that first Adam…that natural man, into Heaven, but he will allow all of us, who are in Christ, the last Adam. You see the thing is to stop thinking of someone Else’s sin as greater or less than your own. Whatever are the ‘big sins’ in people’s eyes are all small in comparison to the blood of Jesus.

The issue first and foremost and by far is not which particular sin have you committed, how many times and is it better or worse than mine – no the issue is, if your faith in Jesus and his GIFT of righteousness or in yourself. If you are in Christ, you are free from judgement and free from the chains of sin and heaven bound…even if you fail in a certain area.

That’s why it’s called a gift of grace. You can’t earn it, or deserve to keep it. It’s by grace…so lets take our focus off of our own selves and back on to Jesus. Jesus is enough.

4 Replies to “Homosexuals In Heaven?”

  1. Given that, according to the Bible, Jesus on the cross awarded a place in Heaven to the thief next to him you are factually wrong. If you believe in the Bible that is.

  2. I hear you sir. He who is guilty of breaking the least of the commandments is guilty of breaking the whole of the law. I think it starts getting trickier when we do not truly repent of our sins though, and keep committing the same offenses even after knowing Jesus. I mean we will all stumble as none are perfect, but I think we will still be judged for our actions, no? Am still getting my head around all this so if I am misunderstanding some of these things then please forgive me 🙂

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