Who Wants To Be A Sheep?

sheep wolfWho wants to be a sheep of an entrepreneur? A white, fluffy, helpless sheep? Before you answer, consider the life of the sheep…

He has no sharp teeth, no long claws, no battle armour and no scary growl to scare off hungry wolves. He doesn’t run fast or jump high and he cannot camouflage his white wool against the green grass – He is an all together easy target for any predator.

Oh and if that wasn’t already bad enough…

The only thing a sheep is really good at, just so happens to be the EXACT OPPOSITE of the trait we admire most in people. We love and admire leaders, the bold and self-confident, multi-talented, head strong “i know where i’m going”, super alpha-male type people! But the sheep has none of these qualities.

The sheep’s only real talent is being a good follower!

Despite all this we find one of history’s greatest leaders, a King, a hero – proudly describe himself as a sheep. He says…

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me besides the still waters…and though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil…for thou art with me. Thy rod and staff, they comfort me” Psalm 23

The one thing the sheep is good at is following the voice of the shepherd, and relying on him for everything.

“My shepherd knows where the green pastures are, he knows where the still waters are. He will make sure I do not want, that i’m safe from the wolf, and if i ever get lost…He will drop everything to come find me and bring me home! He says…

“I have no ability of my own, but the ability of my shepherd is all that i need”

We make way too much of what we can and cannot do, and too little of OUR good shepherd can do for us. We have filled our heads with so much self-help philosophy that we don’t believe we have anymore need for a shepherd…at least not all the time.

We live as sheep in wolf’s clothing. Sheep that think they can, think they have sharp teeth and claws…but we do not. We have no real strength of our own, fortunately though, we do not need it. The good shepherd is sufficient for all our weaknesses and limitations. Our job is simple to follow his voice.

So who wants to be a sheep?

I do. If Jesus is pleased to the shepherd, then i am most pleased to be a sheep. You?

2 Replies to “Who Wants To Be A Sheep?”

  1. This is what i call wisdom, surely surely God is your soure of ínformation. Thumbs up!!!

  2. I think that following orders that disagree with “the golden rule” makes people sheep. Jesus himself was a rebel, because he went against the political establishment. Though he was crucified, it was for the greater good. I say being a sheep is dangerous because you’re easily swayed and manipulated, so you lack true conviction to stand up for your beliefs, even if others tell you it’s wrong. But, I consider myself a shepherd.

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