How To Change An Impossible Situation

Impossible climbBusiness is a test. Few realms of endeavour will have you encountering as many challenges, and in Zimbabwe – much more so. 2012 for example was a heck of a hard year for many. However there is a difference between what is hard and what is impossible.

‘Hard’ is a measure of difficulty. A measure of the effort it’s going to take to get through to the other side. Hard is a test – hard times show you what stuff you’re made of, what makes you tick, how much you want it. However, let’s be clear, If something is hard, then it’s possible, with the right type and amount of effort and training.

Hard is the opposite of easy, but ultimately, hard is doable.

It’s ‘hard’ to climb the mountain because it’s high’, it’s ‘hard’ to win the lottery because the odds are one in a million…yet both are doable.

‘Impossible’ is a completely different thing.

Impossible does not mean ‘really difficult’, it does not mean ‘highly unlikely’, it means “Stop brain storming and quit trying, you can’t do it, no matter what and no matter how!’ It’s with that understanding in mind that for example the bible says,
“Without Faith, it is Impossible to please God”.  It’s not even worth trying. Don’t bother.

Now the problem of course is that with all the self-help slogans of “you can do whatever you set your mind to”, “screw it lets do it”, “nothing can stop you”, “many people just don’t really believe that anything is genuinely impossible. They’ve heard the hype about the incredible power of the human brain and how a positive attitude is the key – So when they finally do encounter something that is genuinely impossible, they don’t know it. They simply apply more and more effort or yet another approach. And then another and then another. And still no success.

Naaa, there’s a better way.

The best thing to do about an impossible situation is to stop treating it like a possible one. Stop trying harder, faster, longer – just stop. When something is genuinely impossible, none of that will help – not one bit. Even when it seems to be working, it’s really not.

So what to do?

To change a genuinely impossible situation, I must rely on the one who can do for men, what it is impossible for men to do for themselves. 


So I let Him do it and then I rely on what he says he has done. I do not try to add my possible to His impossible, Spiritual power is not made more powerful by the flesh. I rely fully on God. In this way I discover the truth of that bible verse that says;

“His grace is sufficient for me, His strength is made perfect when I am weak.”

I could do nothing to save myself, and i can do nothing to make myself righteous – it was and still is impossible. I could but only accept what he has done about it, and receive it as a gift. If what he has done is even just one millionth of a degree inadequate, then I am sunk, because I can add no righteousness of my own.

If however, Jesus and the work of the cross is enough to secure my forgiveness and make me righteous, then I am safe. I don’t try, I rely. I do not achieve, I receive.

So what about your situation? Do you really consider yourself able without the help of God to produce the right results in your business? In your character? In your career? If so, then go a head and do it, let’s  see. 

However if you believe as I do, that without God, godliness is impossible, then ‘cease from your works’. Stop trying and start trusting. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot do both at the same time.  He must work it in and through you, or it will not be done. What i can do for myself has only the appearance of Godliness…but He can do the impossible.

6 Replies to “How To Change An Impossible Situation”

  1. I love your article Max. Totally inspiring. Got a question though, how does one stop trying and start trusting? I really need to reach that point in my life, perhaps you might help

  2. i agree with you, however, in my experience the difficulty comes in identifying the difference between hard and impossible on many situations. It seems to me that you can only say with certainity that something is impossible after exerting effort. Man tries to be self sufficient in everything we even attempt to mold God in our own image, even many practicing christians find it difficult to trust in God. is loving your enemy hard or impossible?

  3. A master piece you have here! I’m enjoying what you have here, i feel i can do it too, “whats impossible is possible”. Thank you very much, i now know with the little knowledge i have and acquiring i will do great things thus “success”.

  4. Max! Man you are right on the point. Jesus is the greatest, He is the one who teaches us to profit without Him its impossible.

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