2012…Is it Really Over? Phew!

Not by might...
Not by might…

Just a little while longer and ‘The Year From Hell’ will be over! Well that’s at least how a couple of people I know would describe it. I was close to that too. I’ll admit, on ‘Wonderfulness-Of-Life-Ometer’, this has not been one of my best – not even close.

In 2012, I made more mistakes, failed in more ways than probably any year I’ve had since 1996 when I spent every waking moment playing video games and wondering why I didn’t make progress! Never was a year so full of heart breaks, secret tears, sleepless nights, unproductive days and reoccurring failures as was 2012 for me. A lot of really heart breaking experiences and all for one mega important lesson.

A lesson so important that it’s revolutionised my whole approach to life, Christianity, business, family – everything. And this is the lesson – “It’s not by might, nor power, but by my Spirit says the Lord”. Zach 4:6

Practically every Christian human being on earth knows that you’re meant to rely on God’s strength, not your own, but probably only one in a million actually lives that way – really. We pay lip service to it, and hardly anyone really knows how to do it, or even why… until you come to the very end of yourself.

Having being confronted with the limitations of Max Soutter in 2012 like never before, i found myself for the very first time forced to dive into a way of life that i had previously only really dipped my feet in. A life fully reliant on the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as my source. Not my own cleverness, talents & resources. Not my own righteousness or moral fortitude. Not my own years of learning and studying – all of which I relied on far too heavily in times past.

Yep in 2012, I have seen every one of my own strengths fail me in small and sometimes in massive ways. The results have been disappointment for both myself and others. I did my best, but my best was not enough. But i don’t want you to think I’m  for me, naa…

It was a beautiful letdown.

Beautiful because in those painful, scary and sometimes surprising disappointments I have learned so many ridiculously wonderful things about how much God really loves me, about just how vital it is to look to Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit and to receive God’s unmerited favour as the basis for my success – whilst extending massive grace to others who did not and could never deserve it. It took a while but HE finally got it into my skull, that he can do more, do it better, faster and with more style than I can, every time! 

So really, for me a year from Hell has become the most Heavenly year I have every had. You might not have been able to tell by looking at me – I didn’t make a million dollars, I didn’t break any personal records, I didn’t become customer service King of the century – but 2012 has been the most transformational year I’ve had.

It’s difficult in just this one post to articulate the change in perspective and approach to life… but you’ll see it from now on the blog.

Hate to see the name of Jesus? Don’t believe He is the most critical facet of your business (and life) success? Have a phobia of over zealous Christians? Then get ready to unsubscribe! I hate to lose you as a reader, but I’d be lying to you to blog in any other way.

On the other hand IF you’re at the end of yourself. You’ve worked, and tried, and pushed and resolved and everything as hard as you can in your own strength – and you’ve not satisfied with the results. You’re going to fall in love with Jesus reading this blog.  And if I can show you whats been shown to me…2013 is going to be the best year of your life – not because of my brilliance…because you’re going to learn exactly how to tap into a genius like you’ve never seen anywhere else.

Oh and if you’ve had the easiest year of your life…the best business or financial year ever, and everything seemed to come together…then you may need this more than just about anyone. Never are we so tempted to trust in our own strength for our lives as when it actually seems to work!

So anyway, yes – you’ll still get great ideas and resources for your business, more than ever – but this time I’m going to nudge (and nudge) you in the direction of leaning much less on [insert your name here] and much more on Jesus. I’m not guru in this, it’s just something I’ve learned and am still learning…and i’d love for you to join me.

Oh ya – Merry Christmas!

7 Replies to “2012…Is it Really Over? Phew!”

  1. I concur Max. The year 2012 has been awash with disappointments as compared to successes at almost every turn. Like you’ve rightly put it that we lean too much on our own understanding and not let God deal with issues that we can’t manipulate even if we tried for a hundred years.

    I believe it too that 2013 is going to be a good as long as we crucify our flesh and live by the spirit by submitting our businesses to God. Its a pity if you are christian you cannot operate like the world does but its a great honor and a privilege to have God as your Ship Captain.

    Great piece Man of God!

  2. Max thanks for being so open and honest in this post. This year was almost a disaster for many people, but i too believe that we can trust God and it will change things. I am looking very much forward to reading your future posts.

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