Tell Me A Story.



You know the story of the ‘three little pigs’ right? No one ever wonders if the 3 little pigs really did build those houses, or if the big bad wolf really was that bad, or even if he really could huff and puff a house down!

Why not?

Because as soon as you say “once upon a time”, I enter a world in which everything you say, no matter how crazy or amazing, is true. That’s the power of a good story, i don’t evaluate it with my conscious mind – I don’t even bother with logic half the time. A Story is a marketer’s best friend.

Now how can you use that for your business?

  • 1)     Pick a quality, a fact, a truth you want people to know about you.
  • 2)     Pretend you’re not allowed to use the word that defines that attribute. So no saying “high quality”, “excellent service”, “most affordable” etc
  • 3)     Ask – What does my market believe about how a ______ ‘your chosen attribute’___ would act/ look like, sound like etc

An example: Is yours the friendliest service in the world?

Then fill my head with stories of how friendly your staff are to customers. How Mary over at reception ended up married to one of your customers because they got a long so well. How Peter at the door has now knows over a hundred customers by name in a few short months. How the boss is not available at lunchtime because yet another customer has taken him out for lunch– 3rd time this week!

People can argue with facts, question them – but stories…unique, engaging stories that match my world view… I can never argue with.

And better than that, I remember stories, I forget facts. I feel stories, i just think facts. So tell me a story.


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