Branding Story, Show Don’t Tell!

Just because you say it, doesn’t mean I believe it. In fact sometimes, the more you say it, the less I believe it – all the more if your competitors are saying the same thing. You’re in business to make money, I expect you to say “highest quality”, “superior service”, “Most affordable”.

BUT how do I know you’re telling the truth?

Listen Bob, this is where Small Medium Enterprises (and some big companies) fail in their marketing. They assume that marketing is about saying “I’m the best” and hoping people believe it. Sure, if you’ve got massive credibility you can get a way with that sometimes, but not for long.

So what to do instead?

Show, don’t tell.

  • Don’t tell me that your biscuits are of the highest quality; SHOW me a picture of the Queen of England having them for her morning tea!
  • Don’t tell me your product is the strongest on the planet, throw it off a high building and show me it didn’t break!
  • Don’t tell me you’re a hot babe, put on a mini skirt and a tight fitting top and walk slowly past me. Do that, and I’ll tell myself that you’re hot (or not)!

And that last line right there – that’s the real secret to massive credibility in marketing. It’s not about what you say, it about what you can get me to say to myself about you, because of what you’re saying (read that again).

And credibility? What’s that for? Credibility means I believe you. I trust you. I believe that your product/ service can do for me what you say it can, is worth the amount you say it is and is better when I buy it from you, instead of your competitor.

Credibility (not just money) is the real difference between SMEs and Big Name Companies. Small Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe (and everywhere) are throwing away the few pennies they have trying to tell the market. Big businesses got big, because they figured out a way to show, not just tell.

Showing is about telling a story. Telling is about reciting a few facts, which may or may not be true.

By the way, I’m available for hire again as a consultant. Want someone to come in and up the credibility, influence and profitability of your marketing? Let me come do it for you. Get in touch.



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