Zimbabwe’s SMEs – Good in Bed?

ImageSmall Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Zimbabwe are having a really hard time (big businesses too). Of course in a challenged economy this is to be expected, but often the problem has nothing to do with the economy. Opportunities that could have been are missed simply because the small business owner, or his business just don’t look very sexy. No one wants to go to bed with them, and when that happens, it’s a marketing problem, a seduction problem, not an economic one.

Understand this: Marketing is not about reality, it’s about perception. You maybe the best, the fastest, cheapest, highest quality or whatever else, but it doesn’t mean a thing until the right people perceive you as such. A good product or service is far from enough.

Want to attract big deals? Then find out and how the big players decide who looks good in bed and what turns them on. What sort of claim should you be able to make (truthfully)? How should you dress, talk, present yourself? How should you carry yourself, present your idea? How do you prove that you belong at the big people’s table?

It’s details like this that SMEs so often miss out on business opportunities in Zimbabwe. When you’re perceived as credible, desirable, outstanding, special, unique, superior, just like that hot babe in the mini skirt, you get all the attention. Financing, ideas, partners, opportunities, they start chasing after you, instead of the other way around.

Problem is, sometimes it’s hard to look at your business this way, so you need outside help to show you how and make things happen. Let me know if that’s you, I’d love to talk about how I can help you.

***Want to hire me to transform your business? After being unavailable for quite a while, I’m on the prowl again for new consulting opportunities, so if interested, get in touch, I’m good in bed!***


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