5 Things You Should Know About Marketing

Actually there are more than 10 things to know about marketing, but there are a few things that if you know them, you immediately stand out.

*    If you are marketing from a fairly static annual budget, you’re viewing marketing as an expense. Good marketers realize that it is an investment.
*    People don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.
*    Business to business marketing is just marketing to consumers who happen to have a corporation to pay for what they buy.
*    Traditional ways of interrupting consumers (TV ads, trade show booths, junk mail) are losing their cost-effectiveness.
*    Effective stories match the worldview of the people you are telling the story to.

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  1. ppl need to b very careful if they wanna start a business on ths side of heaven,many invest they hard earned capital without even first investing in th hard work of research .This is key to a succeful project ,lack of research is the main reason y mo than 90percent of businesses fail.so do yo homework 1st b4 anything.

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