FACT: MORE THAN 90% Of Businesses Fail!

Image(Extract from Bizsetup Kit Info) Did you know that the vast majority of businesses fail? Now admit it, some of those failed entrepreneurs had a lot more going for them than you do. The entrepreneurs behind those failed ventures were not idiots.

Many were dedicated, experienced & connected in their industries. Some had brilliant GROUND BREAKING IDEAS, MORAL SUPPORT from family and friends, GOOD LOOKS, ‘born to do it’ TALENT, WINNING ATTITUDES blah, blah, blah- Yet STILL, they failed. Oh and before you say it – Yes some even had FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

Fortunately, over time research has uncovered many of the reasons new businesses fail completely or simply limp along, never becoming anything significant. That’s what this document is all about. I want to show you how you can separate yourself and your new business from the failing majority. The first step is to understand a few simple, yet relatively unknown facts about setting up a business.

FACT #1: To Own A Business That Operates Successfully, FIRST You Must Successfully SETUP That Business.

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One Reply to “FACT: MORE THAN 90% Of Businesses Fail!”

  1. I’m sorry, but setting up a business isn’t that hard. It’s the maintainence that’s more difficult. That’s my two penneth anyhoo. Sorry if this offends….

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