Best Online Advertising Option In Zimbabwe?

You can waste a lot of time and energy with most free online advertising platforms in Zimbabwe. Sure, FREE classifieds come at a great price, but the results are often very poor indeed. If you’re expecting a flood of business from any online classifieds website, you’re likely to be disappointed. Do it anyway, some are better than others…just make sure you systematize the process as much as you can so that it isn’t taking up a lot of your time.

On the other hand if you’re willing to pay for superior and faster results, than you can’t get better than GetMoreInfo’s latest offer.  For just $145, you’ll get:

  • Full page advert on the Getmoreinfo website. Visitors to the site will see it and so will hundreds of subscribers.
  • Include as much text in the advert as you like – no limits.
  • Include as many as 5 pictures (great if you want to show off a product or various aspects of your service
  • Include an email form so that people can contact you directly from the page via email
  • Include a PDF download of your company profile, product uncatalogued or even a Power-point presentation you want people to see.
  • GET A FREE advert in the Herald online newspaper exposing your advert to thousands of potential buyers a day for a FULL week!

I could go on and try to hype up this offer for you, but I won’t. I’ll just say it’s the best offer for paid online advertising you’ll find ANYWHERE in Zimbabwe. NOTE, these are not classifieds that limit you in size and format. If your could use a better option to the free stuff flying around and a more affordable option to pricey offline advertising…get in touch.

I can do just 5 of these at this low price, so if you’re ready to move, don’t waste time. Contact me asap.

Interested or have a question? Use the form below or just email me directly at max.soutter(at)

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