Shhh, Just Don’t Mention Jesus!

Jesus, Jesus, GEEEZZUUUSSSS! You can make a lot of people uncomfortable with that name. It’s a funny thing. Not ‘God’ though. No one really minds you talking about God. ‘God’ is a generic term for your ‘Higher power’ whatever or whomever He may be. He’s the man upstairs, the creator, the big cheese, ‘the force’. Talk about God all you want, and 99% of the religious world and self-help movement, will agree with almost anything you say. Unless you’re around Atheists, you don’t need an ounce of courage to take about God.

It’s Jesus that scares em.

Once you mention Jesus you separate yourself from the generic God that society can shape into the mold of its own fancy. Once you mention Jesus you lay claim to a one true God different to the one the religions of the world worship. Once you mention Jesus, then you’ve also got to be bold enough to tell his story and the message that He is in fact the ONLY way to the Father.

If you’re a Christian then you’re a marketer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our job is challenge the notion of a God that is anyone’s God, any how they want Him. Our mandate is to debunk the myth that there are ‘many ways to Heaven’ and that God will understand if Jesus isn’t your preferred route.

Some walk around ashamed of Jesus, almost apologetic that they have to bring up the topic. They’ve become ‘undercover brothers’, more afraid of offending a non believer than they are concerned about reaching him.

Gotta love how Paul so unapologetic-ally puts it in his letter to the Romans

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes

If you’ve been ashamed, reconsider. Reconsider how amazing is the person you represent and how urgent the need to share his story with the world around you. You don’t need to clean up your act first, don’t wait. Just go up to that person and say “Jesus”, and when they say “ha?” start a conversation or something!

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  1. How so very true. Even the …. believe in God but not Jesus. I love Jesus

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