Where’s Your Hulk?

Watched the Avengers movie? The heroes (as usual) had to face incredible odds to save the world from wicked alien forces. Awesome stuff. One of my favourite parts was when Loki (the villain) says to Tony Stark (Iron Man), “I have an army”. Tony Stark replies confidently,

“We have a Hulk”

And if you watched the movie then you’ll agree that the Hulk has a special gift in the area of Smashiology. The green beast turned out to be the X factor that allowed the Avengers to conquer the baddies.

You business needs a Hulk too. A strength, or competitive advantage that is so powerful that you can smash your way through to victory. Sometimes its a resource, sometimes it a perspective or a skill or even an idea – but whatever it is, focus on your Hulk – your difference, your unique advantage and let it grow into a powerful creature. When you do, you’ll find yourself far better equipped to deal with bigger or more established competitors, and win.

Hulk smash!

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