“So…Just Had Coffee With Lucifer”

“Ya, had coffee with Lucifer the other day. He’s got some really interesting views on Zimbabwean politics, and a great sense of humor – sheesh!”


Yea, you know Lucifer, the guy from the marketing department… fourth floor?

And thaaaat, right there…your reaction to ‘coffee with Lucifer’, is exactly why we don’t name our kids Lucifer. Yes even though it was the devil’s name BEFORE he went psycho and tried to take out the biggest, strongest, fastest, smartest being in existence (bad move). As a result of the devils demented behavior over the last couple of thousand years, the name has been ‘re branded’ somewhat.

Funny how much of a difference your name can make ha? It can tell a story about your belief system, where you’re from, your ethnic background, what to expect from you…and more.

  • I mean c’mun, who would you rather meet in a fight to the death match… “Melvin Pee Herman” or “Grubbendolf Hitler”?
  • Who would you rather kiss… “Zelda Gobonpimple” or “Sarah Sanders”?
  • Who would you rather buy a car from – Slick Ricky or “more honest sounding name”!

Names matter!

I’d think twice before I just bought a self company with a meaningless (or bad) name, before I named my product, website or business. I’d think about who I want to influence, what attributes I need to communicate, how unique and memorable I’d like to be – I’d ask myself, “will this name help me tell the right story?”

A name can inform, educate, inspire, frighten, seduce. Chicken Inn, Econet, Techzim, Max Soutter…all great names (especially that last one!).

3 Replies to ““So…Just Had Coffee With Lucifer””

  1. bought a shelf company years back that is still parked thanks to that name. Poor me.can’t even remember the full name… Blood something and too embarrassed to check it out

  2. Thanks Max for the article @agony yeah names are very important, some of these shelf company fellows don’t even have an idea of what branding and naming a company is all about…

  3. Thanx Max. I also have reservations in buying shelf companies as most of the times none of the names available will appeal to your target market. The article just reminded me of the importance of branding and that the first step is proper naming of your business.

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